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  1. d2freeman

    Engine died and glow plug light

    Heading to work this AM car was running fine, abut 30 miles into the drive I stop at a stoplight and thought I smelled diesel fuel, about a mile later the engine dies and I coast to the side of the road, get out and open the hood and diesel fuel is all over the engine, pull the engine cover and...
  2. d2freeman

    Dual Mass Flywheel - Time to change out?

    My Passat is now at 330k miles and running fine but am kinda wondering if I should go ahead and replace the DMF? Am I running on borrowed time?
  3. d2freeman

    Picture Request

    I need a picture of the fuel line connections at the firewall, see my picture below that is incorrect, the insert that clips onto the lines is not installed correctly. This is what I need a picture of so I can see how the insert is supposed to be installed. Thanks
  4. d2freeman

    FS - Ross Tech Micro-Can cable - unlimited

    ** Remove ** ***sold***
  5. d2freeman

    2012 - 2014 NMS Passat Valve cover gasket for sale

    SOLD - Please remove Sold!
  6. d2freeman

    WTB - 2 micron kit

    Looking for both kits, pureflow and containflow. Thanks Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
  7. d2freeman

    Netflix Series "Dirty Money"

    Check out episode 1 - "Bad NOx" - all about the VW emissions scandal.
  8. d2freeman

    Netflix Series "Dirty Money"

    Check out the first episode, "Bad NOx" all about the VW Emissions scandal.
  9. d2freeman

    Heater Core Question

    For those who have changed the heater core themselves, how did you get to the hoses on the firewall and what type of bolt is between the hoses? Thanks
  10. d2freeman

    FS - Polar FIS (Latest edition PF03)

    **** sold ***** **** sold *****
  11. d2freeman

    WTB: 2micron pureflow+containflow

    Looking for both kits as I am keeping my car. Thanks
  12. d2freeman

    New TDi commericals

    Check these out.:)
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