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  1. powerram250

    Castrol Edge 5w-30 LL Alternative

    Advance auto use to carry this. What is everyone running in their 2015 CVCA engines? I'd like to be able to pick it up at my local parts store or online pretty easily. I know it's got to be 507.00 approved. Thanks.
  2. powerram250

    Ambient air temperature sensor

    Rebuilding my 2015 Passat. Just wondering where the ambient air temp sensor clips into. On the front bumper area. Any pictures would be great. Thanks.
  3. powerram250

    AC pressure sensor wire diagram

    My car was in a wreck and I need the diagram of the 3 wires that go into the ac pressure sensor that plugs into the line directly behind the passenger side headlight. It's a 2015 Passat TDI SEL. A close up picture would do. I've circled a picture of what I need but tried everything to get the...
  4. powerram250

    Oil pan to get to crankshaft seal

    I need to replace the plastic plate behind the crankshaft pulley. Long story but the timing belt wore a groove through it from a tree pushing on it. It looks like I need to remove the oil pan foam, then the oil pan, then the aluminum oil pan extension. I need to pull crank timing pulley then the...
  5. powerram250

    Drivers door wire harness

    Has anyone ever removed the drivers side door wire harness? I think I may have a broken wire or two in the boot between the door and car. Looks like the MK5s have a plug right inside on the car side. Do the MK4s have that plug? Sometimes the fuel door release, drivers side mirror and lock don't...
  6. powerram250

    UltraGauge for 2012 TDI

    I was thinking about getting an Ultragauge but want to make sure it will hook up with my 2012 Jetta TDI. Anyone else running one of these on a new car? Or thoughts on a ScanGaugeII for the same car.
  7. powerram250

    Speedo, Odo, and Cruise not working

    Hello all, my speedometer, odometer, and cruise are all tied together and are not working. When the speedo drops to zero, the odometer stops spinning and the cruise control shuts down. If I beat on the dash they will start working again until I hit a bump in the road or it will just drop to zero...
  8. powerram250

    Keyless entry remote not working

    Put new batteries in it and tried many ways to reprogram it. Oreilly auto parts tester says it works. Any special way to reprogram it? It's a 1998 VW Jetta.
  9. powerram250

    Timing Belt keeps jumping one tooth

    My car which I just got on the road has jumped one tooth on the crankshaft pulley. I bought the car that way and this is now the 3rd time it has done that. With the high miles do you think the pulley is worn enough to allow the belt to slip? When it jumps it just goes one tooth. Luckily no...
  10. powerram250

    1998 Jetta TDI won't start

    Hello all, I am new to the TDIs and have a few questions about my new '98 Jetta. First off I bought it from a seller who said it just wouldn't start one day. So checking around I see it's getting fuel, cracked the injection lines loose (fuel squirts out) and I'm getting white (unburned fuel)...