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  1. dabear95

    Poor power brake assist and poor mileage

    Having problems with intermittent power brakes and it is getting more common. Also notice a loss of MPG. From searching it sounds like it might be the common problem of the vacuum hose to the booster. Before just buying the part can someone point me in the direction of how to test and find...
  2. dabear95

    Fob died, Change Battery, Light Continuous Flash

    Wife placed fob in letter holder and somehow jammed one of the buttons down. Alarm went off in the middle of the day. Very weird so I did not give up and found immediatly that when I tried to use the other fob (ony in letter holder) it was dead. Original batteries from 2002 in both Fob's...
  3. dabear95

    AC No workie, Money tight

    So, AC is not working and I have done a ton of reading. Want to post my thoughts to check on things before I dig in. 1. Check the fuses 2. Have my wife hit the AC buton while I look at the compressor to see if it turns on. 3. See if fans turn on 4. If no fans, check fan control 5. If...
  4. dabear95

    WTD - 02-03 Golf or Jetta (5-speed only)

    5 Speed 4 Door Impecible Service Records Less than 125K miles Within 500 miles of 48307 preferred (but if you have a nice sample, let me hear it) Others options and colors are debatable. This is for a friend who is serious. I am not sure if he is cash in hand serious, but close. Thanks! Jason
  5. dabear95

    How do I clean my Bra?

    Do not even go there!;) (Tim):D I have a genuine VW bra for my golf that I use on long trips. It is left on for no more than one week when I take a vacation and usually only for 2-3 days. How does everyone clean them? Not the top, I know how to take care of that but the bottom that touches...
  6. dabear95

    FS - Old Man Intake (OMI)

    EDIT - SOLD in 11 minutes!! 1 grey OMI with CCV for sale. I held it up to my car and did not like the way it mounts so I did not install it. Most say it is a non issue but I guess I am too picky. So yes, it touched my car but it was never fully installed or driven. $105.00 shipped in US...
  7. dabear95

    Scion Xb Timing Belt

    So, a TDI was out of my moms price range so we found this nice used Xb (she loved it). She does not drive on the highway so it is actually pretty peppy under 45MPH. Anyway, picked a good oil with toyota filters, drain and refil the auto every 20K, filter at 100K, blah, blah. It has 30K now so...
  8. dabear95

    Brake Job - Low / Soft Pedal Diagnosis

    I installed new rear brakes 3 months back (Balo and Akebono pads) and bled with Motive. I installed new Balo fronts with Akebono pads this afternoon. I bled the brakes with my motive, clutch, FL, FR, RL, RR. I ran nearly 2 litres of ATE Dot 4 fluid in through the system. My pedal has been...
  9. dabear95

    Rear Spring Rate Question

    It seems I have a sagging spring on the drivers side likely due to towing a trailer without suspension. No, this is not usual for me but I wanted to go snowmobiling and I had to tow this trailer for a friend. :-) According to ETKA I have either of the following: 1j0 511 115 AK (2 green and 2...
  10. dabear95

    Noise on Startup then nothing (Alternator?)

    Each day for the past few weeks when I start my car I get a noise like: CHURRrrrrrrrrrr Then nothing. Any ideas? I take try and get a sound clip. The belts look fine. I searched a lot and I'm thinking it may be the alternator... Jason
  11. dabear95

    Return to Stock Tune with Vag Com

    Instead of contacting Rocketchip I thougth I would just ask if anyone knows. Can I change to the auto map with Vag-Com so I have a stock tune. I'm just curious... If yes, where can I find the procedure? I tried searching. Jason
  12. dabear95

    Brake Parts Needed Check...

    Going to order parts for my rear brakes this week and wanted to make sure I have everything I need: Balo Rotos Genuine VW Pads Some lubricant for the slider bolts Do I need two (2) of 8E0 498 470 ? I can not find the dust boots seperatly, seems a bit much. Do most people reuse the dust...
  13. dabear95

    Workin the TDI!

    Took a quick snowmobile trip to northern Michigan last weekend trying to catch the snow before it melted. My buddies truck needed new tires so I towed the trailer with his snowmobile... It is a steel trailer, at least 1,000 lbs with the sled, notice the complely vertical salt shield? I will...
  14. dabear95

    Late 80's / Early 90's VW Diesel Offerings

    I have not done much research yet but I was thinking it might be nice to have an older VW diesel I could tinker with in the garage. Does anyone have any good resources I can review to see what was available from VW during this period? Any suggestions, things to stay away from, would be...
  15. dabear95

    My Koni FSD Experience

    I thought I would make a thread detailing my experience with installing new shocks/struts on my TDI. Hopefully it will be helpful to others, and if not maybe someone will point out something I missed. Keep in mind that I am in it for the long haul and I am not afraid of replacing items others...
  16. dabear95

    Michigan ULSD

    Hey Everyone, My favorite BP truck station in Warren put out the ULSD stickers today. 10 mile and Sherwood in case anyone is wondering. The station by my house (12 and Gratiot) does not say anything yet. What about you guys West of me? Brighton, Fowlerville, etc? Jason
  17. dabear95

    UOA Modified ALH TDI 5w40 Delvac 7,304 miles

    Hello Everyone, Modified my TDI as indicated in my signature and wanted to make sure the oil could still go 10K miles. This oil was in place immediately prior to the modifications. Blackstone does not suggest that I do, at least for now because of the lead. Opinions? Thanks, Jason
  18. dabear95

    FS: Stock Clutch/Flywheel, EGR Valve, cooler, etc

    UPDATE - I want to move these, MAKE OFFER... Selling the following: Stock clutch/flywheel with 75K miles (Was only used for 7 days with nozzle and chip because I knew it would slip) Extra EGR valve, cooler, etc. Did not end up needing... Message me for pictures, terms of sale, etc...
  19. dabear95

    2002 VW Golf TDI – Stock Appearance

    Purchased new May 15th 2002: 2002 Volkswagen Golf GLS TDI Monsoon/Cold Weather Package 79,000K Miles I have 65,314.7 of those miles accounted for in my mileage spreadsheet. Lifetime average is 45.26 MPG with total fuel cost of $2,688.30. Modifications: 12...
  20. dabear95

    Timing Belt Break In (Timing) / New Nozzles

    HI everyone, Timing Belt was changed two Friday's ago, timing was perfect at 70/100. Checked today and it was 62-63/90 (ALH DG 100K kit). Those who have changed a few belts or had a few changed, do you often see the timing retard a bit after everything settles in? If no, check the...