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    Stopped by ministry of environment

    So I've heard of the stories from previous threads and you never thought it would happen but I finally got stopped by the ministry of environment (Ontario, Canada) today and got ticketed and was given a time frame to return my emissions back to OEM...

    Stopped by MOE

    So I've heard of the stories from previous threads and you never thought it would happen but I finally got stopped by the ministry of environment today and got ticketed and was given a time frame to return my emissions back to OEM

    Meth on mk7

    Anyone here install a meth kit on their TDI Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk

    Clutch upgrades

    Just seeing what clutch upgrades options are out there and any recommendations I know of the south bend smf ones And DKM one. Looking for some input and possibly have a nice clutch upgrade thread for reference. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk

    ALH silicone rad hoses

    So been in touch with Anakin and thought I would share here to see if there is anyone interested. Sent from my ONE A2005 using Tapatalk

    Odd noise on wot

    Manual transmission. Car is a cpo with 57000km on it now. Had it for a month and a half now. I notices this sound before but didn't really think too much of it but today it seemed louder than when on throttle. Almost sounds like what a CAI would. Hmmm cant post the vid here... Ok uploaded it...

    MK7 TDI intercooler

    Is there any upgrades for the mk7 intercooler. being from the mk4 and mk6 platform and new to the mk7 I see that the design has changed to a water cool exchange system for the IC. anyone one have any insight.

    MK7 - DIY thread

    Not sure if there is a DIY thread in here but thought maybe we could start one so it makes it easier to find things instead of having to browse through bunch of "what did you do to your ..." threads. I will try and keep it updated in a list format perhaps we can make this a sticky. please feel...

    QuickJack BL-5000SLX

    I am looking to gauge interest if any here: I am trying to organize a GB for the QuickJack BL-5000SLX Right now the price is $1818 tax $218.16 Total of $2036.16 shipped
  10. PHAT-DUB

    11m IP question

    I just recently pulled a 11m IP form a 2003 alh with 468k on it. plan to put in in my 2003 wagon alh i just purchased. was wondering if i should have it rebuilt? or what is the life expectancy on these. I contacted performance diesel (Giles) in Markham he is asking $1000 to overhaul rebuild...
  11. PHAT-DUB

    Skid plate and PP764

    From the 64 evo skid plates i ordered from the GB i organized back in the day is there any still kicking around for sale. also looking for PP764 nozzles if you have please pm me with your contact info
  12. PHAT-DUB

    MK4 jetta wagon... Tailgate

    Been a while since i posted here, but i think im getting back into the mk4 game. Anyone know where i can find a mk4 wagon tailgate ? Or know of someone. Plan on purchasing a wagon and the tailgate is trashed. Sent from my ONE A2005 using Tapatalk
  13. PHAT-DUB

    Visor warning label dimensions

    I'm making overlays for the warning labels on the visors and looking for some assistance on the dimensions of the warning label on the visors in mm L x W and radius of the rounded corners. So far i got these ones Just wondering if any of...
  14. PHAT-DUB

    FS: MK6 Golf R front brake kit

    I have a set of mk6 golf R front brakes, Comes complete with calipers, carrier, pads, rotors, lines and brand new dust shields, These are practically new with less than 1000 km on them. They were removed from a wrecked R, there are some minor marks on the caliper from the removal...
  15. PHAT-DUB

    mk6 wagon roof rack

    any one on here thats in the markham or durham area that has a mk6 golf wagon roof rack I can borrow
  16. PHAT-DUB

    hub puller

    was planning to swap my suspension out on my mk6 wagen this coming long weekend. anyone have a hub puller available...just in case. in the markham to whitby areas. i tried part source but they are always out. and didn't find anything at princess auto...etc.
  17. PHAT-DUB

    MK7 TDI engine cover (badgeskin)

    Hey thought i would ask Any one here locally in the GTA (preferably in york or durham region) willing to lend me their TDI engine cover so i can template it. you would get something like this in return as i did to the mk7 GTI engine cover or any other services i may be able to provide cheers...
  18. PHAT-DUB

    MK6 seat swaps

    Does anyone know if MK6 GTI front seats will fit our MK6 wagons? are they interchangable.
  19. PHAT-DUB

    key fob + toilet = bad

    ok so i took a leak ...reach over to flush toilet (top flush button on tank) as i reached / leaned over my vw fob/key slipped out of my hoody front pouch pocket and fell into the toilet mid flush ...regardless to say the current took the fob down the drain. Should i have a concern in regards...
  20. PHAT-DUB

    Fs: Mk4 ecu

    $ 300 - Unitronic chipped staged 2+ w/ EGR delete ECU part# 038 906 012 FD $140 - brand new OEM ECU part# 038 906 012 FD