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  1. TDI2000Zim

    Volkswagen exec reaffirms commitment to diesel: ‘Now it is absolutely clean’

    Too bad for VW, but the technology is not dead: As far as I’m concerned, I will never give up the diesel dream.
  2. TDI2000Zim

    Volkswagen exec reaffirms commitment to diesel: ‘Now it is absolutely clean’

    So, is VW ever bringing back any diesel cars to Amerika?
  3. TDI2000Zim

    EPA and California give Chrysler 2017 permission

    I waited in vain for VW to take advantage of the new diesel friendly government in DC, but Chrysler-Fiat were savvy and diligent to do so: Maybe my next Passat will...
  4. TDI2000Zim

    Nanometer soot maybe worse for diesel emissions

    Today comes the news that DUSTLESSNESS INCREASES POLLUTION: I wonder if the environmentalist drive to reduce the size of soot particles makes also pollution worse in European cities, in other words: large size soot particles may be better...
  5. TDI2000Zim

    The age of engine downsizing is over, says Volkswagen

    I think that this means that the Environmentalism-driven witch hunt on automobiles is history. No more clown cars for the next 8 years. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. TDI2000Zim

    What should I do with my 2014 Audi Q5 TDI?

    You should sell it now before Trump's rollback of EPA and CAFE standards floods the market with cheap Audi/VW used TDI automobiles, which will be happening in 12/18 months.
  7. TDI2000Zim

    President Trump to roll back Automobile Pollution Laws

    Could this spell salvation to the VW TDI fix? You be the judge: Maybe not all the buyback cars will end in South America. I'm eager to purchase a "buy back" in mint condition for the kids in college.
  8. TDI2000Zim

    VW and others ask Trump to lower EPA regulations

    Change is coming: If I were VW, I would take advantage of the changes to request a change in ash regulations. Micron size ash is easier on human lungs, and easier on diesel technology than today's nanometer ash regulations.
  9. TDI2000Zim

    Cruze vs TDI

    Cruze TDI came out around 2012/2013, MUCH before dieselgate.
  10. TDI2000Zim

    VW and others ask Trump to lower EPA regulations

    This move may save VW TDI cars: If the President fulfills his campaign promises, we may even have our fix approved.
  11. TDI2000Zim

    Bosch is also paying: WILL U.S. GOV'T APPROVE FIXES?

    Well, it was Bosch's turn in the hot seat and they quickly pleaded guilty: Will the new U.S. government approve the fix of all VW diesel engines involved in Dieselgate?
  12. TDI2000Zim

    Visit Baltimore to wave goodbye With tears in our eyes.
  13. TDI2000Zim

    German Court Hildesheim: VW cheat = horse-meat lasagna

    CHINA loves horse meat lasagna, they are keeping VW in the black: As long as Chinese buyers love eating VW lasagna, American buyers can go pound sand (or buy GM diesels).
  14. TDI2000Zim

    President Trump may rescind a few EPA rules

    If this is correct, and he follows thru, it may be that a large number of regulations, including environmental regulations which are applicable to diesel emissions, will be rescinded by executive fiat, and perhaps, with Congressional legislation...
  15. TDI2000Zim

    German Court Hildesheim: VW cheat = horse-meat lasagna

    German Courts are furious over VW cheating its costumers. Three German judges said that the fraudulent diesel emision design was the same as selling lasagna with horse-meat instead of beef...
  16. TDI2000Zim

    Gm: "it is easy to get our diesels fed approved"

    GM: "It Is Easy To Get Our Diesels FED Approved" This is amazing, VW says that they can't make money from diesel, but GM says, "YES WE CAN!!!" How come??????????? Is GM cheating, or is GM teaching us that honesty pays? I'm...
  17. TDI2000Zim

    Chrysler Diesel Cheat?

    It is easy for Fiat-Chrysler to defend itself. They just have to say: "WE SUBCONTRACTED VOLKSWAGEN AG FOR OUR DIESEL EMISSION SYSTEM!" However, as more and more AMERICAN companies get outed in diesel cheating, I expect President Trump to come to the defense of TDI automobiles/light trucks...
  18. TDI2000Zim

    my story

    That sticker reminded me of the old days here in NJ, when car dealerships changed name after a fire. Let's say that in NJ, the Cosa Nostra runs most dealerships. Yes, go get yourself a decent dealership. And don't bother to take pics of dealers like this, particularly after lending them your...
  19. TDI2000Zim

    Cruze Diesel is rated at 52 mpg highway in stick version, 37 mpg combined

    Wow, members are now mostly made up of tdi Cruzers. I hope and pray that VW sees the light and doesn't give up the market to GM.
  20. TDI2000Zim

    We can now move on

    The FEDS and VW have reached finality: Now we can move on. I don't know about you, but as long as there are diesel trucks and locomotives out there, there is the need for diesel cars. I'm eager to see future diesel VW products racing on our American...