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    Ross-Tech's 10th Anniversary Sale!

    Ross-Tech has never had a sale, but this Sunday, May 16th, is the 10th Anniversary of the release of the very first version of VAG-COM... So we've decided to do something special! This weekend only, you can get 10% off anything in our store using the coupon code "10thAnnivSale" (without the...
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    Ross-Tech Product Announcements

    VCDS-Beta 10.3 VCDSx64 Beta 10.4 VCDS-Lite Best, -Uwe-
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    Ross-Tech finally has a TDI!

    Saturday,30,August,2008,15:38:02:29315 VCDS Version: Release 805.1 Data version: 20080823 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chassis Type: 1K0 Scan: 01 03 04 08 09 0F...
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    Ross-Tech is moving!

    Ross-Tech will be closed on Friday November 30 because we are moving to a new, larger facility. Please accept our apologies for any temporary inconvenience. We expect to be open for business as usual in our new location on Monday, December 3. As of this weekend, our new contact information...
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    Ross-Tech needs some help

    We'd like add a proper "Readiness" screen for TDI's. We've got the info we need for newer ALH engines, but it would be helpful for people with a 1997-1999 AHU (Mk.3 Golf/Jetta or B4 Passat) to check Meauring Block Group 17 and post *exactly* what you see there. In fact, it would be great if...
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    VAG-COM Release 311.2 Announcement

    New features: * Supports all 2004 model VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda models using K-line for diagnostics. CAN support for Golf-5 based cars and the new Audi A8 coming 1Q 2004. * New "Turbo" mode in Measuring Blocks for ME7 and EDC16 ECUs using KWP-2000 protocol for diagnostics. Up to 34 samples per...
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    New VAG-Scope Version 1.5 with Gauges

    Click here for more info: Ross-Tech VAG-Scope Page -Uwe-
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    OT: Diagnostic program for some (non VW) engines

    OK, so the subject line is on topic. The rest of this post really isn't. But I couldn't figure out where I should put it, and this is the only forum section that I have time to visit with any regularity. Anway, check this out, a twin-engine TDI-powered AIRPLANE...
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    A new VAG-COM Alpha, just for the TDI guys!

    Hi Guys, VAG-COM Alpha 302.1 adds support for Eric Maurier's fantastic TDI Timing Checker plug-in! What's that you ask? Click the following link to find out! It also adds the long-awaited "Auto-Scan" function, which allows you to scan every...
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    TDI description in PDF form

    For an "industrial" TDI engine, but still a nice overview: -Uwe-
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    A big THANKS from Ross-Tech

    Goes to RDB and PeterV for both coming to my place with their cars and allowing me to alpha-test the new version of VAG-COM on their cars. Both of these guys patiently hung out and watched pretty much all day while I ran through all the Data Blocks and Adaptation channels in all the systems in...
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    Need TDI in Philly -- Free Scan Tool!

    OK guys, I have DataBlocks, Basic Settings, and Adaptation code pretty much finished. I've tested this stuff as much as I can in my "old" (1997) VR6. Now I need a new car to test on. I would most prefer a 2000 or 2001 Jetta, but will settle for a Golf of Beetle if I have to. I'm sorry...
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    Add one Non-TDI

    After having talked to a number of you guys on the phone when you've ordered your VAG-COM systems, I've decided I gotta come to this event! No, I don't drive a TDI. But Valois said it was OK anyway..:-) -Uwe-