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  1. bernie165

    parting out a 2005 tdi wagon

    Interested i the wheels - looking for 16" alloy, I have the double five spoke style silver.
  2. bernie165

    2010 jsw brake pads - premium semi-metallic pad and their coated rotors. No issues and have them on the front and rear.
  3. bernie165

    DSG service fluid type and fill method preferred

    jrm... Shhhhhhhh keep your head down. Everyone Knows you can't have a sentence containing the words oil/fluid and (gulp) early together. Sends flags And the oil change police will get you :)
  4. bernie165

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Thanks TS - I agree. I actually performed this oil change immediately after a regen (couldn't avoid it). I expected fuel dilution because my sample at 39,769 was also immediately after a regen and I showed 1%.
  5. 60K1


  6. bernie165

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    I have been following the recent discussion on Numlock's oil result and thought I would throw my $.02 in hopes of helping. Non technical, non expert - again just my own observations with my vehicle. As you can see in my results, I am trending down and it appears I am completing break-in. You...
  7. bernie165

    Clean Diesel DPF Data Collection Thread

    MemberName: bernie165 Model Year: 2010 Model: Jetta Sedan Tranny: 6MT Miles: 60,340 Oil Ash Volume: 60ml Oil Type: Castrol LL03 Avrg. MPG: 39
  8. bernie165

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Thanks Bob2382 - yeah I may be a little guilty of the same. Not because I wanted to baby it, but more the nature of my drive. Either way I have made a point to drive it "harder." The drain valve was a proto as I seem to have a lot of water issues due to the temp cycles. Andrew took great care...
  9. bernie165

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Hello all - thought I would post my latest in hopes of some expert advice. Seems my car cannot go 10K! 80% of my driving is to and from work 30 miles each trip - 60% highway and 40% main road. There is little to no short trips - car is always fully warm. Another note - I am watching aluminum...
  10. Oil at 55K

    Oil at 55K

    Oil sample report
  11. bernie165

    Kendall GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro 5W-40

    Oh dear - thank you I meant to say Mobil ESP which is not readily available. Thank you TS - based on my UOA maybe I'll try it for an interval and do a UOA. The level on my dipstick remains constant throughout the oil change indicating minimal oil consumption equal to whatever I collect in...
  12. bernie165

    Kendall GT-1 Full Synthetic Euro 5W-40

    Thought I would bring this up for guidance from the respected in terms of oils as I am by no means an expert. The situation is Kendall EURO is readily available to me; and $5.50 a quart as an added bonus - TDT is not, so I have been purchasing LLO3 from the stealer. Referencing my past UOA posts...
  13. bernie165

    Oil my dealer used

    Castrol is migrating to the 'Edge' name, it does get confusing. If you go to your local Wally World or the like, you will find all kinds of Castrol Edge flavors none of which are 507.00. However, the LLO3 was just relabeld recently to include the 'Edge' name but it still will also have LLO3 on...
  14. bernie165

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    TS - the majority of my drives are to and from work which is 27-29 miles each way. It is a mix of 60% highway and 40% regular roads. I do very little 'in town' driving and even still most times those trips are 10 miles each way or so. As for the hydro lock - I experienced the intercooler issue...
  15. bernie165

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    You guys never disappoint - thank you for the information. I really feel like I 'work' it to speak but clearly my oil sample states otherwise and I need to do more as it appears I am still breaking in if I understand correctly. I am glad to hear that’s it verse a bent rod from the hydro lock...
  16. bernie165

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Okay - wow for some reason the attachment function and I are fighting but I got it to work!!! Thank you fellow members for the assistance and tips. I attached the latest UOA which has all three samples I have collected. I have always followed this thread and hold a lot of weight in oil...
  17. bernie165

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    I am so sorry to bother but I cannot get the black stone Lab report to post as an image like everyone else has. I've tried everything (including search). Would any one mind giving me the dummy version So I can post my results like everyone else - my report is Pretty bad, I am looking forward...
  18. 40K Oil Sample

    40K Oil Sample

    40K Oil Sample
  19. bernie165

    Wrong size disc??? Help.

    FWIW - I ran into this too. My 2010 Jetta had the 272mm rotors. If you look up through aftermarket for a 2011, it gives the 272mm listing. If you look up 2010, it gives you 262mm and 282mm (rough numbers). So not sure if it is a model year issue .....but definitely need to measure first for...
  20. bernie165

    2010 VW Jetta TDI DPF Issues

    OP - I see your posted fuel economy is 30-33....that is very low and maybe an indicator. All of us curious minds want to know - tell us what you can with regards to maint / driving style / somethings goiong on if you have that low mileage. I have the same car and without trying, I get 40+