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  1. maktas

    emissions workshop- air sound, low power- need help

    Yesterday, I noticed air sound coming from the IP, almost like it was coming from the defog vents in the very front of the IP, only during acceleration. It went into limp mode and gave me "emissions workshop". Clearly I have a hose/vacuum leak somewhere. I tried looking for it myself, but I...
  2. maktas

    B5.5 Tranny Failure Poll

    I Want to see what kind of tranny failure numbers are out there....
  3. maktas

    Transmission problem

    First off, hello all!! its been a while since I was on here. So today I am driving home and all of a sudden, no power, then as a applied pressure on the accelerator, the RPMs rev'ed up only. I stopped the car, turned it off, turned it back on, put it in Drive and nothing!! Reverse works with...
  4. maktas

    Complete Control Arm Replacement

    Hello Everyone! I took a leap of faith and ordered a 13pc control arm set including Audi tie rods from fcp groton. The kit has parts under their own name (they outsource the parts). From what I read @ Vortex, everyone seems to be happy with them. I got mine for just under $300 shipped. All I...
  5. maktas

    100k (160km) service observation

    I just did my service and found one possible issue. I like to remove the airbox in lieu of not having a shopvac handy to get rid of the sand, I noticed that the intake hose (the large hose going towards the turbo) was somewhat wet apparently with oil. Is this an early sign of turbo failure? I do...
  6. maktas

    Strange issue with Licence Lamps

    After many issues with these lamps since I got my car, I have come to the conclusion that the lamp housing inside the trunk does not have the screw holes for lens positioned properly. I have tried to but the lenses on 2 different ways and it just does not fit properly. The lenses are not sealing...
  7. maktas

    Rear License Plate Lamp issue

    Ever since I got the car, I have always had problems with the licence plate lamps. When they stopped working, I changed them to LED bulbs I purchased, but I found they were always not working. There seems to be some kind of fit issue with the lenses to the housings. I tried every possible way to...
  8. maktas

    Light for climate control area

    I noticed that the climate control cluster below the radio does not light up anymore with the rest of the IP. I heard there was a bulb that controls that. Does anyone know how to access and replace that bulb??
  9. maktas

    New North American VW (Pasetta??)

    Chattanooga's new VW to fit between Jetta and Passat Referred to as the new midmarket sedan, this new car will fit in between the Jetta and Passat in Volkswagen's lineup. The yet-unnamed sedan, which will be built in Chattanooga, Tenn., will likely have a starting price of around $20,000...
  10. maktas

    UOA for biodiesel fueled TDIs

    I have searched the threads for problems associated with engine oil "dilution" while using bio-d, however, I could not find anyone else's UOAs that can provide evidence of this problem. Does anyone have info regarding this issue of dilution while using bio-d?
  11. maktas

    Fuel Leak

    I just noticed diesel fuel odor last night while driving back from work. I parked the car and looked at the fuel filter connections, everything was ok. After a while, I looked underneith the engine and saw a small puddle. It was fuel. Obviously, there is a leak in the line down there, is this a...
  12. maktas

    B5.5 and bio-d

    My brother and I are setting up a bio-d processor using WVO thanks to our cousin who manages a resturant. I wanted to get input from ppl using bio-d from WVO and bio-d in general. My brother is a chemist so he is very confident we can make bio-d that meets the ASTM spec. He wants to go B100 in...
  13. maktas

    506.01 oil analysis

    I was curious, does anyone have any history with 506.01 in their B5.5 TDI? What does the oil analysis show for this engine?
  14. maktas

    5th gear swap

    I did some reading on the 5th gear swap threads and I was wonder if there are any B5.5 TDI owners who have actually done this to get lower rpms/better fuel economy on the highway. Any comments?
  15. maktas

    Regarding the Air Filter

    So I have read about the controversy about these hi end K&N "oily" filters that may mess-up the MAF. Are any B5.5 TDI guys using this filter? Are there any fuel economy/ power increase benefits? Next, people are talking about the MANN brand as good filters for TDIs, looking at worldimpex, the...
  16. maktas

    Drop in HID kit

    Well, I decided to try these drop in HIDs and ordered a set from eBay. You can get a kit anywhere from $40 to $400+. I decided to go the middle road and get a Japanese made product for $120 from a seller that has a good rep. We will see what happens..... :confused: and I will be sure to post...
  17. maktas

    Deteriorating Fuel Economy

    I have noticed a consistent deterioration of fuel economy since early spring. The best ever combined mileage was 38 MPG in March with 506.01 oil. Since then, I have noticed it get worse. I am currently averaging 33-34 MPG. My driving route and habits are the same (80% hwy, 70 MPH/ 20% stop and...
  18. maktas

    Road debris damage

    This is what happens when you drive over a chain @ 70 MPH. I was driving on the freeway when I ran over this metal object, a chain I think..... Not a good week for me.
  19. maktas

    Slight humming sound different speeds

    I am starting to notice a slight humming sound at lower speeds (20-30km/h) and at higher speeds (100-120 km/h), especially noticeable on smooth, paved roads. I just got another pair of Goodyear Assurance triple treads (1 month ago) getting rid of the last 2 OEM contis. I am not sure if it is...
  20. maktas

    OEM Continental tires

    Has anyone else noticed that these tires are basically garbage? I have 30k on my Passat and 2 sets are worn out already. I did do a rotation at 15k. To compound the problem, in recognition of VW's continued bad service, they do not offer any tread wear or road hazard warranty on OEM tires, at...