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  1. Fongpei

    WTB MKIV shocks and lowering springs

    Anyone have a set of decent shocks/springs for sale. Don’t want too low of a ride. I have FK springs and they’re too stiff and low for my taste.
  2. Fongpei

    Hard Lesson Learned on VNT17 PN:778445-0010

    Caveat emptor. I blew my KP39 on my wagon a while back and didn't have enough money to buy the VNT17 from my usual sources, so I head to eBay for a "deal". Turns out the turbo I bought didn't come with a actuator, but came in a brand new box from Garrett and all seemed fine. FF to now and I...
  3. Fongpei

    VNT17 Upgrade Actuator BEW Thoughts

    I blew my turbo and bought a VNT17 as the replacement. The turbo did not come with an actuator, so questions is what are the options out there. 1. Buy the Smart Actuator for the VNT17 (Abt $200) 2. Rig the old actuator with new hardware to be compatible with the VNT17 linkage. 3. Buy a "non...
  4. Fongpei

    WTB - VNT17 Smart Actuator for BEW

    I bought a VNT17 that did not have an actuator. So, if anyone has a Smart Actuator for sale, lmk. Its for a 2004 Jetta BEW engine.
  5. Fongpei

    Mystery Power Steering Leak

    I'm super frustrated trying to find the source of my power steering leak. Replaced the rack about 6 months ago then about a month ago started to notice huge pools of fluid under the car. Thinking it was the crush washers, I replaced both on the banjo bolts. Seemed to help then one day went...
  6. Fongpei

    WTB - 2004 BEW Engine

    My turbo blew and now the shop is telling me I may need a new motor due to lots of blowback they don't know where it coming from. So I'm looking for another motor to install while I get the issue with current motor sorted out. Also looking for VNT17+.....well, because, what the heck Mechanic...
  7. Fongpei

    ESP or CV or something else?

    I've been having this ongoing problem with the ESP activate under normal stress around corners on the highway. When I'm going 60 or so and load the suspension lightly, the ESP kicks in and give me almost a crabbing sensation. I've had the alignment checked 2x, brakes checked 2x, bolts on ball...
  8. Fongpei

    WTB - Rear Axle for 2004 Jetta MKIV

    Hey folks....I ran into a curb and need to replace the rear axle. Toe and camber cannot be shimmed out so any one have on to sell?
  9. Fongpei

    D2 Coilover Preload?

    Hello all, I just pulled my D2 coilovers because its been super bouncy since i installed them. I thought I may have put in the bumpstops, but after taking them out verified I did not. Instructions were poor but I got to figure out why these things rebound so hard. I'm literally thrown up in...
  10. Fongpei

    BEW Serpentine belt tensioner

    I found out the hard way the belt on the BEW is dual sided, but noticed the pulley on the tensioner is smooth. I ordered this a few years back from ID Parts and they speced it for the car. Should it be grooved? My other BEW does have the grooved pulley. Any other BEW folks have a smooth one?
  11. Fongpei

    Wtb- panzer or evolution skip plate MKIV

    hi folks, I'm looking for a aluminum skid plate for my MKIV wagon. Anyone looking to sell? Bay Area for shipping or pickup.
  12. Fongpei

    WTB MKIV REAR Coilover Perches

    I need the lower mounting hardware for D2 Raceland coilovers. If anyone has them, lmk, or if you have a set of perches, im pretty sure they are interchangeable.
  13. Fongpei

    2004 Jetta BEW will not start after lift pump install

    I'm about ready to pull my hair out on this one. Car dies while I'm driving home. When it dies its quick and no power brake or steering. Pull over and tried to restart with no luck. Thinking its a blocked fuel line, I replace the filter and purge the system. Car still doesnt start. Quick...
  14. Fongpei

    WTB Diesel Geek Panzer Plate for MKIV

    IF anyone has a Panzer Plate they want to sell, lemme know.
  15. Fongpei

    WTB - manual transmission for 2004 BEW

    My transmission bought the farm after 240k miles. Need a replacement in Nor Cal. Let me know what you have.
  16. Fongpei

    WTB - MKIV Wagon Lowering Springs - SFO

    I'm looking for a set of lowering springs for my o4' wagon. Don't want super low and stiff. Let me know what you might have available.
  17. Fongpei

    MKIV wagon hatch switch demons

    I bought a used BEW wagon that has a gremlin in the hatch release. Remote flashes the lights, relay makes a sound, actuator works when fed 12v, but I found no continuity on the hatch release micro switch. I get a 186.2 value when I hit the switch. Question is this within range?