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  1. BeetleDragon737

    ABS light on after brake job. Bad pump?

    I've got an ABS problem. My dash light is on, and with a VCDS scan, I get: 01276 - ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64) 16-00 - Signal Outside Specifications From the ross-tech site: Possible Symptoms Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) ON Possible Causes ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64) Connector...
  2. BeetleDragon737

    Warped flywheel/pressure plate?

    Hi all, I just took my beetle to the shop for a general inspection, and they said I had a warped flywheel or pressure plate based on "clutch petal pulsation on initial engagement." I had no clue what they were talking about because everything had felt normal to me. Then afterward, I got into...
  3. BeetleDragon737

    Fuel Economy & Torn CV Boot

    I found a tear in the boot for my CV axle, and it's been throwing grease out of there for a while. Like, possibly 6 months or more. I've also recently been experiencing poor fuel economy. Could my CV joint be so void of lube that friction in there is ruining my milage?
  4. BeetleDragon737

    Brakes dragging and bad brake fluid

    Hello all, My fuel economy had dropped off pretty dramatically over the past couple months, and brakes were my first step in diagnosis. It appears that all my brakes are dragging a little. Wheels don't rotate freely when on jacks and rotors are hot after a drive. My pads are wearing evenly...
  5. BeetleDragon737

    No heat, but AC is fine (Beetle)

    I apologize if this has been answered by other threads before, but it seems like diagnosing a heat issue has a few facets, and it's hard to distinguish between the effects of each - that is, thermostat, heater core, blend door. I have foam blowing in my face and my vent selector barely changes...
  6. BeetleDragon737

    Boost Spikes - turbo actuator and boost valve questions

    I've been searching and reading so many threads about boost that it's getting exhausting. I still have questions, so hopefully some wise folks can chime in. Background: The car is a '99 Beetle, ALH engine. I'm pretty sure it was stock when I bought it. After connecting a boost gauge to the...
  7. BeetleDragon737

    Used wrong torque specs on new South Bend Clutch

    A couple friends and I took out my old OEM clutch/flywheel/pressure plate last weekend and installed SBC's Stage 2 Daily. Unfortunately, I missed the part of their instructions that specified new torque values, so I just used the OEM ones. However, now that the job is finished, I see the OEM...
  8. BeetleDragon737

    Swapping LEDs in Autometer Gauges

    I'm looking to install these two gauges (boost + EGT) before I get RC3 on my Beetle: Only problem is, these gauges come with a green LED backlight which doesn't...
  9. BeetleDragon737

    Function of plastic part in door

    Hello all, I somewhat recently decided to replace the window regulator in the driver's side door of my 1999 New Beetle. During the process of disassembling the door, I came across this part (circled in red): I had to punch out two plastic bits in order to get it off, and I could see no...
  10. BeetleDragon737

    Quality Headlight Assembly for 98-05 New Beetle?

    I recently bought a pair of headlight assemblies from 1A Auto, and after installing them in my beetle, the aim was way off, so I tried turning the adjustment screws, and nothing happened. I turned them one direction until they got tight, then the other direction. No movement in the light. I am...
  11. BeetleDragon737

    New Beetle Back Seat Safety

    I'm a rather tall guy, and I decided to give the back seat of my beetle a try today to see how well tall passengers would fit back there. To my surprise, I found that as I leaned my head back, it did not rest on the headrest, but bonked the glass. I would have to be much shorter for my head to...
  12. BeetleDragon737

    TPS Issues

    Hi all. I have a 1999.0 New Beetle. I'm having some troubles with my TPS or electrical connections related to it. I know this is a common problem, but it seems to be one that is very difficult to diagnose. From what I've read, the issue could stem from a bad ECU, a bad TPS/pedal, or any one of...