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  1. n1das

    PowerService DFS (white bottle) endorsed by Cummins I was talking with a coworker about diesel fuel additives for his 2017 Ford F-450 SuperDuty truck and recommended PowerService Diesel Fuel Supplement (white bottle). Good stuff and many TDIclubbers have used it over...
  2. n1das

    BMW X5 diesel exhaust pipe taste tests

    I recently had a 2017 BMW X5 35i as a loaner car while my 535d was being serviced at my BMW dealer (Tulley BMW in Nashua NH). While the gasser X5 drove nice, I very quickly missed the torque and efficiency of my diesel X5. 0-60 and 1/4 mile times and speeds are comparable but each car drives...
  3. n1das

    2018 BMW 540d for USA??

    Picked this up on Bimmerfest ( Will this actually come to the USA?? That's some serious Weapons Grade TORQUE! :cool: * DROOL * :D Me want. :)
  4. n1das

    VW supplier feud expands to Golf production

    VW production halt widens as supplier feud expands to Golf production Just when you begin to think things can't get any worse for does. :(
  5. n1das

    BMW stopping their diesels for 2017?

    A coworker told me today that BMW stopped their diesels for 2017. :( Not true but he was referring to the extra emissions testing creating delays in receiving their certification, thanks to VW's cheat. It's somewhat old news and not a surprise...
  6. n1das

    Boston Auto Show - January 14-18, 2016

    Anybody planning to attend the Boston Auto Show this weekend? I'm planning to be there tomorrow (Sat 1/16). I'm not in the market for anything but will be checking out any and all diesel vehicle offerings. The Nissan Titan XD (V8 Cummins turbodiesel) looks interesting...
  7. n1das

    535d disaster on highway :-( Safety complaint filed w/NHTSA

    <VENTING> I need to vent a little here. :( Wednesday evening this week during my commute home in my 535d, I had the misfortune of being unable to avoid hitting a truck tire "alligator" on the highway. I was haulin' ar$e in the high speed lane with other traffic around me at 70+ MPH and at...
  8. n1das

    On-site radio communications for TDIfest2015?

    I was thinking it might be useful for people attending TDIfest2015 to bring some GMRS/FRS "bubble pack" 2-way radios if they have them. They could be useful for local on-site 2-way chit-chat between fellow TDIclub members on-site at the 'fest and at events. They could also be useful when...
  9. n1das

    Jeremy Clarkson officially FIRED from TopGear Bummer! :( James and Richard refuse to continue without him.
  10. n1das

    New Sunoco truckstop I-93 Exit 5 Londonderry NH

    A friend of mine recently told me about a new place to get diesel fuel in NH. I checked it out over the weekend. A brand new Sunoco truck stop opened 3 weeks ago in Londonderry NH on Route 28, right off I-93 Exit 5. It is set up to be a high volume & high turnover station for diesel fuel...
  11. n1das

    Just for fun: How many DIESEL miles have you logged?

    TDI longevity questions come up from time to time and there are several threads on the topic. Here's a variation on the topic....After a conversation I had with a friend of mine where we accounted for all miles logged in every car we've owned in our lives, that got me thinking about how many of...
  12. n1das

    I managed to break a South Bend Stage 3 clutch

    Here's what enjoying too much weapons-grade TORQUE finally did to the clutch disc in my 05 ATD PD JWagen TDI..... :eek: It's a South Bend Stage 3 SMF setup (IIRC recently renamed to South Bend Stage 2 Endurance). It was mated to an OEM (heavy) VW SMF. Engagement was always slightly more...
  13. n1das

    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    Since there's already a TDIclub Secret Society of Benz Owners (SSBO) thread, I thought I would start a TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO) thread. This is an invitation to all TDIclub members who are currently hiding in the shadows, too frightened by the VW fanaticism to show...
  14. n1das

    Tulley VW in Nashua NH sells VW franchise

    Here's an interesting email I received today. I'm on Tulley VW's email list since I bought my 2010 JSW TDI there. From my experience, I've found Tulley VW in Nashua NH to be one of the better VW dealers out there. Email follows: December 20, 2012 Dear Tulley Volkswagen Customer...
  15. n1das

    New IRVING fuel station in Manchester area

    New IRVING fuel station in Manchester NH area A brand new IRVING station opened up in the Manchester NH area, near the airport (MHT). The station opened up this past Friday (8/10/2012). They were still stocking the convenience store when I was there last night. The station is on Roundstone...
  16. n1das

    Easy DIY Relay 109 repair!

    A coworker of mine recently experienced the classic Relay 109 failure in his 2000 Jetta TDI. He still had the original Relay 109 and replaced it with the updated Relay 109 and his car is running fine again. TDIclub played a big part in educating him about the classic Relay 109 failure in older...
  17. n1das

    2-way radios for TDIfest activities

    I just registered for TDIfest. :cool: I'm planning to bring several GMRS/FRS "bubble pack" 2-way radios for my G/F and I to use during 'fest activities. These are Motorola TalkAbout 2-way radios that come packaged in a bubble pack. I was thinking this sort of thing might be useful for other...
  18. n1das

    June First Friday 6/3/11

    Anybody planning a FF 6/3/11 GTG for June? :confused: I was thinking Kimball's Ice Cream followed by dinner at the Bamboo again in Westford. Also open to other suggestions.
  19. n1das

    T2B5 TDI Exhaust Valve maintenance

    Here's a maintenance heads up on the exhaust valve in our CR TDI's uber-expensive exhaust system. I was at mrchill's shop yesterday getting a metal skidplate installed on my 2010 JSW TDI. I got to get under the car and take a good look at everything including the exhaust system. Chris pointed...
  20. n1das

    Question about DSG operation

    Today at lunch a couple of co-workers and I were talking about how a DSG tranny works. A question we weren't able to answer is how does a DSG tranny make the transition from the car being stopped and in neutral to in gear and moving? Does it have a torque converter like a slushbox auto tranny...