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    SOLD: 1999 New Jetta TDI ALH 5 speed, 4 door in Gaithersburg, MD - $1,200 OBO

    We are anticipating a cross-country move and seeking to sell our Tornado Red backup car. There are 400K miles on the car. Paint is rough in areas. Interior is a bit worn as well. Engine runs fine and drives well. Car has RC 2+, Old Navy CCV mod, ventectomy, CAT filter. Will include 1.5 jugs...
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    wrecked 2015 Passat TDI SE six speed manual to be auctioned

    On 31 October at about 5:00 PM a new driver made a bad left turn into my path that lead to an unavoidable collision. All airbags were deployed and State Farm has declared the car a total loss. The car will go for auction sometime in the near future. The listing for the car is here...
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    Fob died today, how to fix it?

    While I was out shopping this morning my key fob slipped out of my hand and dropped onto the pavement. It had no apparent damage, but when I attempted to disable the alarm and unlock there was no response. So it appears that there was internal damage. Thinking it might simply have jostled the...
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    Wanted: stock single DIN radio w CD connector

    The stock single DIN cassette/radio/CD player in our 1999 Jetta is as of a few days ago a radio only. The function selector button for the in-trunk CD player has failed and can no longer be accuated. Given that many owners choose to upgrade their radios, I would think that there must be a few...
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    Patch your Chrysler vehicle before hackers kill you

    It appears that there is a bad security hole in the Chrysler Uconnect vehicle-connectivity system. I don't know if VW has a similar hole in their package, but this one is downright scary. Details available here...
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    Where did MSN gas price finder go?

    For quite some time I had been using MSN's gas price finder: Unfortunately, starting today, entering it is forwarded elsewhere: Does anyone know where it went? Dave
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    anyone using the bio-diesel pump in Strasburg, PA?

    I have been getting my bio-diesel at the Baltimore Bio-diesel coop for the past few years, but at present they are having problems and I am almost out of bio-diesel. This lead me to check and see where else in the area I could obtain my bio-diesel fix. Checking the various sources shows the...
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    My old seats from 1999 new jetta for sale

    I recently obtained some new seats for the car, so my old seats are for sale. The driver's and passenger's seats are worn and will need work if you want to use them, but they are certainly good for parts and are complete with side air bags. The rear seats are just in need of cleaning. These...
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    The Case for and Against Buying a Diesel Car

    Yet another article on diesel cars, this time on Fox Business: A few highlights: Pro: Better Fuel Economy and Longer Range Pro: Higher Resale Value Pro: Diesels Have More Torque Con: Diesel...
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    California Congressman proposes $1 billion prize for 100 mpg car

    Read the details here: The only problem I see with this is "requires that the car that claims the prize runs on gasoline", so perhaps we have a member or two in his...
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    M1 TDT 5W40 on sale at NAPA for $4.99/qt

    At least at my local NAPA here in Gaithersburg, MD M1 TDT 5W40 is $4.99 per quart at present. I don't know how long this will be available, but it started on 1 June. Dave
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    Alternatives to replacing heater core

    I have a leaking heater core and am told it is a long and tedious job to replace it, as the entire dash area must be removed to replace it. This leads me to wonder if there are any acceptable alternatives to heater core replacement. I know there are sealants of various kinds available, but I...
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    NHTSA campaign 04V58400 and 1999.5 models

    I had the problem addressed by this campaign, a defect in the hazard flasher switch/relay, occur in my Jetta recently. I called my local VW dealer yesterday and was told that this recall does not apply to my car, despite the fact it is the same part in the same style vehicle as those subject to...
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    Taylorsville B100 pump non-functional tonight

    I stopped by Taylorsville Shell this evening for some B100, but found the pump was non-functional. Given the temperature was in the 30s all day and that the B100 has not been winterized yet I assume it is gelled solid.
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    What has changed with the forums lately?

    I used to stay permanantly logged into the forums, but for the past few days I am finding that when I return after a few hours that I am no longer logged in. Has something changed with the forums? Could it possibly be related to going from SeaMonkey 1.1.12 to 1.1.13 as my browser? Whatever...
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    Broken passenger door hinge spring

    Earlier this evening when my wife opened her door we heard a strange noise and then noticed that the door was swinging freely without the usual stops and bumps. Checking a little further I found that part of the spring in the hinge that allows the door to pause at various degrees of open had...
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    Antenna base alternatives

    I have the stock radio in my vehicle and the antenna base appears to be going again. As this is the second replacement antenna base I have put on this car since purchasing it used five years ago I am wondering if there is an alternative amplified antenna available that will last longer than the...
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    Airbag controller error 00654 (N153)

    A few days ago my airbag light came on. Scanning it with VAG-COM I get the following: 00654 - Seat Belt Tensioner Igniter: Driver's Side (N153) 29-00 - Short to Ground I took off the cover over the seatbelt retractor reel and treated the connector with Stabilant 22A and checked it again. The...
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    E320 CDI WVO conversion

    Believe it or not, someone has decided to install a WVO conversion on a 2005 E320 CDI! I saw a reference to this on the Infopop BioDiesel forums. The owner has started a blog on the conversion here: The thread on Infopop is here...
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    CPO 2006 Jetta TDI available at King VW

    I don't know if anyone is interested in this one, but checking at my local VW dealer shows the following: 2006 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan Automatic 44,583 $24,977 TDI...