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  1. mjhandy

    Spring GT in the KW/Cambridge/Guelph area

    Just putting a feeler out, it's been awhile. Here's some tentative information Date: Sunday, April 7th, 2019 Location: TBD
  2. mjhandy

    09 Touareg buy back values

    I've got my offer assuming I get it fixes, but before I sign, I'd like to get some idea on how much of a buy back I could get. I like the vehicle, so I want to ensure I make the right choice.
  3. mjhandy

    Non-TDI Passat question?

    My friend has an 07 Passat, and he's lost indicators. No lights, either internal or external. I haven't had a change to stop by and give a scan to see what's wrong, but is there a fuse/relay that controls these? Cheers!
  4. mjhandy

    heated space to use for a few hours

    I need to change the wiper linkage in the Treg this weekend so I'm hoping someone know where I can borrow/rent some thing kinda warmish. It seems the weather hasn't warmed as I hoped. Yeah, i know it's above freezing, but I suck.
  5. mjhandy

    TPMS: disabled

    Far easier than getting a new TPMS sensor. One less yellow light on the dash too.
  6. mjhandy

    Waterloo Region Craft Beer GTG.

    When: September 10. Where: Abe Erb Time: 2pmish It's been far too long. I'm picking this date since I'm sure there a few folks that will be busy the long weekend. Are you in? I'll have my VCDS with me.
  7. mjhandy

    From 866 to 164 km per week.

    So new job starting on the 4th, and the commute is drastically changing. The treg is going to start feeling unloved... lol
  8. mjhandy

    Need help with a DPF issue

    I've created a post on Club Treg, but i'll cross post it here. Cheers!
  9. mjhandy

    PS is going on sale...

    Starting Saturday at Canadian Tire.
  10. mjhandy

    Wiper arm pully tool

    I need to pull the passenger side wiper arm off the Treg, and i'm looking for a reco on a tool. Princess Auto has once, but the plastic top nut seems like it'll break. Any thoughts on decent economical one? Cheers!
  11. mjhandy

    Oh Fred...
  12. mjhandy

    VCDS price changes

    Their new interface has really dropped in price. 3 VIN limit as base, but for the price that's probably enough for most people. The pro is pricey though.
  13. mjhandy

    I'll post this news here too about our 3Ls :mad:
  14. mjhandy

    OT: Chevy v6 readiness errors

    Hey folks, Need some help here. Family member is due for an eTest, and just got an check engine light. I connected the vag, and the code shows a misfire on cyclnder three. When i read the rediness i get this: Mode 01 - PID 01 : Readiness -- Address 7E8 Number of DTCs stored: 0 -- MIL...
  15. mjhandy

    Power service coming up for sale an again

    I just got the email from Canadian Tire.
  16. mjhandy

    White PS going on sale this weekend

    September 9th to the 15th. We don't need it now, but i'll grab a few.
  17. mjhandy


    My wife and I, well I was, watching a video on NOS in a small block chevy. Pretty much how much could they add before the engine died. She turns to me and says, 'You're not doing that to the truck'. Good thing, since it's won't help, but a stage 2 tune will:)
  18. mjhandy

    Canbus LED supplier in Canada

    I'm looking for some h11's for the fog lights. I've done the plate lights (not as plug and play as they say), but all I can seem to find for canbus is HID conversion sits. Any local or Canada suppliers for these? Cheers!
  19. mjhandy

    VCDS vs the dealer tool

    Today dealer said they couldn't scan a code I had and they couldn't figure out why. When I got the vehicle back I was able to clear all codes and do a full scan with the VCDS. I was also able to connect with a bluetooth elm and Torque App. Is there a reason the dealer couldn't but I could...
  20. mjhandy

    DPF Levels and VCDS

    I've got a post on Club Touareg about this too. I'm looking to check my soot levels. Had the DPF and Flashing GP light on. I cleared all the codes (which seemed related to DPF) and went for a 25+ min drive keeping the RPM at about 2500. No codes or warning lights. But I still want to check the...