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  1. VDubbing

    Oil in coolant resevoir bottle

    My 03 Jetta has 351,000 K and has some oil in the resevoir bottle. Last night my low coolant light comes on for maybe 1 minute and goes off again. I look the coolant bottle is full maybe even a little higher than normal. It doesnt look like the normal G12 color and I suspect there is some oil...
  2. VDubbing

    Help AC not working

    Ok my AC stopped working in September and I would like to repair it before it really gets hot. System has refridergant in it. No leaks. When I turn on the AC the fan starts and nothing else. I disconect the wires to the compressor and I am not getting any juice there. Does anyone have any...
  3. VDubbing

    Thanks Precision Tuning

    Thanks Perjad, I am very happy with the great suspension job you did for me. I cant believe the difference. Its better than new again. I should have done this over a year ago. The car handles great and seems to brake much better than before. I just had to give you a shout out the Bilstein...
  4. VDubbing

    Looking for one

    Monty rim. Does anyone have one in good shape??
  5. VDubbing

    looking for wheels

    Im looking for a set of OEM wheels for my 03 Jetta TDI. Id prefer a set of 15 or 16 inch. Please email me pics and price to : robdougald at
  6. VDubbing

    looking for wheels

    Does anyone have a set of 15 or 16 inch alloy wheels to sell? Id prefer a OEM VW set. I'll try the source if i dont hear anything here.
  7. VDubbing

    Where to get oil pan in a hurry

    Does anyone know who might stock an polish for my 03 jet? I bottomed out and spewed oil. As soon as I saw the low oil light I shut her down and am having her towed to a local shop. Is there anywhere that will have a pan in stock? Anything else I need to worry about?? After stopping about a...
  8. VDubbing

    elephant hose

    I am eliminating my ccv catch can for the winter and am going to install an elephant hose. What do you guys use to plug up the other side of the hose?? is there a downside of running the elephant hose??
  9. VDubbing

    Advice on a wagon

    Ok I havent been following much of the discussions much after the 03 TDI's. A buddy is looking for a wagon for his wife. Either new or a couple years old. She is looking for a diesel and it has to be an automatic. Anything my friend should be looking for or to avoid? I remember some...
  10. VDubbing

    santa monica rims

    any of you rim experts know if there are any variations of the vw made santa monica rims? slight changes in different years??
  11. VDubbing

    lost 5th gear

    After a few months of my car occasionally getting stuck in 5th gear if i was lazy at a light or not downshifting. Last night while shifting to 5th from 4th gear I got no power just a reving engine. 5th gear seems to be gone. Anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong? Im hoping someone has...
  12. VDubbing

    vam com for 2010

    anyone have the most recent vag com for a 2010 golf wagon to program the windows to work with the remote?? east end would be best its for a friend in my mc club
  13. VDubbing

    need to borrow brake bleeder

    Seeing as i ripped the boot of my caliper changing the brakes i need a new right rear caliper and to borrow a brake bleeder. Anyone have one in or around the markham area?
  14. VDubbing

    Tranny help??

    My 03 Jetta TDI manual tranny sometimes sticks in 5th gear. I'll stop at a light or something and cant get the car to get out of 5th gear. It doesnt happen all the time but when it does I really need to reef on it to get it out of 5th gear. Anyone ever seen this before?? Rob
  15. VDubbing

    Mobil 1 oil not at walmart amy more?

    you guys have probably discussed this before but where am i to get a jug of this stuff? I need an oil change inb the worst way. Today if possible. Im well over my 10,000 k normal intervals. I know im good to 18,000 but i think im over that too.
  16. VDubbing

    Ride for Sight

    Hi there I would like to ask you to consider sponsoring me for this years Ride For Sight. I am proud to be a participant of the largest charity fundraiser benefiting vision research. All money raised will go to towards the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Canada’s leading private contributor to...
  17. VDubbing

    watch out for bikes please

    I had a member from here cut me off on my bike on thursday on the 401. It was a pretty aggressive and stupid thing to do in front of a motorcycle. Please watch out for us bikes please. If this may have been you I was riding the black cruiser bike wearing a black leather vest with big...
  18. VDubbing

    garmin traffic

    i have a year old or older garmin i think its a 350. older not very flat one with traffic services for free for 3 months. I had long ago used up the free 90 days i believe and didnt subscribe to it again. Well yesterday i plug the unit in and turn it on and a delay message appeared. Has...
  19. VDubbing

    allen key size

    what size is the allen key that holds the hose on to the bottom of the egr valve? I tried a couple yesterday and either its my man sized meat hooks or i dont have the correct size. maybe i need a set of allen sockets without the balls on the tip as im worried ill strip the head. thanks Rob
  20. VDubbing

    sprint 764 nozzles for sale

    i have a set of sprint 764 injectors which were installed in my car for approximately 80 000 K and ran just fine. i upgraded to the pp764. they were cleaned by dbw and are ready to install. please pm me with offer. thanks rob