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  1. jafische

    2013 oilpan blanket

    Does anybody know where you can buy an oilpan blanket/insulator/cover? I can find every other part for the oilpan, but the blanket. I guess it is named something else! Mine is soaked in oil after 147000 miles.
  2. jafische

    B Pillar clips? Hangers?

    What are the plastic hanger clips on the inside of the B Pillar posts? I figure there is some sort of use for it...but can't think of what. Lol
  3. jafische

    Headlights blink (off-on)

    I recently found an issue when going over a bump. Driving at night, lights on auto (and on), when I hit a bump, the headlights go off/on (once) really quick (maybe 0.1 seconds... just enough to make you notice). It only happens once a night or one bump... subsequent bumps of similar impact do...
  4. jafische

    RNS510 Hard Reset/ Factory Reset

    Does anyone know if VCDS can reset the RNS510? I cannot get rid of my Sirius XM Favorites. They come back after deleting them. The new ones I add will disappear. I have reset through the RNS510 Settings menu. I have deleted each individually. I cannot think of any other way or found any other...
  5. jafische

    RNS510...Can't delete Sirius XM Seek Favorites

    I have tried to delete some Sirius XM favorite artists and they keep coming back. I have factory reset the entire radio from Setup/System/Factory reset ALL settings. I have tried to delete them from Setup/Audio/Delete Sirius Seek Favorites. I have tried to delete them individually using the...
  6. jafische

    Bluetooth radio

    My RNS510 has recently stopped displaying the song information and time left? WTH?
  7. jafische

    Extended Warranty (Who? Not who?)

    Who is the best company? Who do you have? Do you have any complaints? How much $,$$$ ? I started reading BBB complaints on a few (reputable) and started getting discouraged. I know there is thousands of happy customers to each BBB complaint. But it still makes you nervous to fork out a few...
  8. jafische

    Radio Button Rattles (on steering wheel)

    My radio multi-button on the left side of my steering wheel is rattling. Does anyone have a remedy? How do you get that off? I was thinking of putting a drop of silicone or something behind it. Scared to start prying around my steering wheel. Thanks ! Jeff
  9. jafische

    Stiff brakes

    What is the deal with my brake pedal? When I go to start the car, more often than not my brake pedal feels like it has been pumped until hard. It starts fine, no problems. Just, what the heck happens to cause it. I have about 42k miles on it. It may have done it 10 times in 40k miles and 10...
  10. jafische

    What is wrong with this picture?

    I don't know if there is high enough resolutions.... my Passat SEL wheel has CHINA imprinted on it. One wheel has it imprinted regular and this one was imprinted backwards. Look at the 1 O'clock spokes.
  11. jafische

    Lower rear end on Passat (level)

    What is the best way to lower the rear end of a 2013 Passat? The car has always looked jacked up in the back, until I go for a road trip. I read about spring kits, but for that cost! I figure there would be a way to keep the stock suspension.
  12. jafische

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Bluetooth RNS510

    I had iPhone 4 connected to Bluetooth audio, no problems. Progress bar fills, count down time counts down, ff works, rew works, hit play and it just starts playing. Yeah. I searched forum for Galaxy S4 and didn't get many hits. Upgraded phone with Verizon. S4 has Jellybean 4.2.2 installed...
  13. jafische

    How long does it take battery to go from 13V to 4V (answer inside)

    Overnight. I did it. Left the lights in the ON position and shut garage and went to bed. Is there a way to make the lights turn off after X time of the ignition not being on?
  14. jafische

    Weird Noise Under Passenger Side Dash

    Has anyone noticed an occasional weird noise under the passenger side dash? It would be hard to describe. It is quiet, faint or muted, sounds like blowing air through your lips as you lazily hold them together, it lasts for about 10 seconds, it is while driving, on Auto at 72*. Sometimes it...
  15. jafische

    RNS510 SD_Card Random

    Is there a way to play random tracks on the SD Card? I have 10 artist folders with 10 mp3 songs per folder. I want to randomize... I can Scan. I can Repeat. I can't find the random function. i.e. play folder1song3, folder8song9, folder3song4, etc etc etc etc etc...
  16. jafische

    Rain Sensing Wipers

    Has anyone enabled the rain sensing wipers on their 2013 SELp? I have and they seem to work great one day. Next day, don't work at all. Have stalk on intermittent stage and have tried to put sensitivity all the way to left (more tolerant) to all the way to right (less tolerant). No...
  17. jafische

    To align throttle body

    I had heard after removing your battery you need to do a throttle body adjustment. I have also heard you don't need to on newer. My 2013 SELp, had the battery out this weekend to run some wire from the cab... do I need to VCDS throttle body align?
  18. jafische

    2013 SEL tail light removal

    How do you remove the tail light assembly? Is there 2 screws in the trunk or does the black trim piece directly next to the tail light come off? Thanks!
  19. jafische

    VCDS --- >Top 10

    My dealer is willing to do some VCDS upgrades. I have read so many posts on what people like. I want to go to them with a list of "Here is what everybody else does to make it better"... Basically I have seen: Auto Rain Sense with auto roll ups, windows up/down with remote, seat belt chime...
  20. jafische

    NMS versus B7

    What the H is the difference between a B7 and a NMS? Is one a German model? I have a 2013 TDi SEL Prem Passat... is this a B7? How can you tell the difference? I have read the B7 is an upgrade from the B6. But where is a table of B6=x and B7=y and NMS=z etc.