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  1. psst1997

    FS: MK5 GLI Parts

    This a complete GLI headliner swap MINUS the headliner. It was saggy and not worth pulling. Wrap yours and add these peices and you're good to go. A pillars have some damage from being glued to the windshield but won't be too noticeable when installed. Also one of the vanity lights will need a...
  2. psst1997

    FS: MK6 Golf Part-Out

    My Golf was totaled in December. This is everything aftermarket that I have for sale. I have the engine and transmission still but am not sure I want to let it go as of yet. Prices are somewhat negotiable. Willing to ship everything. Pics Here:
  3. psst1997

    FS: Remanufactured BEW KP39 Turbo

    SOLD Got this for a customer car that Ended up going another direction. I don't see myself using it so figured I pass it on. It is a brand new reman from VW with the "X" suffix. No turbo install kit included. Part #038253019SX $750obo Shipped. Photos here...
  4. psst1997

    FS: MK4 GLI Part Out

    Prices listed below. Photobucket has killed hosting on my account... Lets trying Amazon photo. Link added, some pics are still uploading. All door lock modules are tested 100% via test box pictured...
  5. psst1997

    Photobucket P500 3rd Party Hosting

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so please move as needed. As of a few days ago Photobucket has begun blocking 3rd party image hosting. This means that every image linked from photobucket in the last 14+ years will be a dead link. Every DIY, build thread, for sale post, etc. Photobucket for...
  6. psst1997

    FS: BEW Engine and Parts

    Pulled this engine from a car with 225k. Incorrect/reused flywheel bolts backed out and seem to have damaged the crank bearings. Bottom end turns over but is very tight. Willing to sell complete to someone or sell for parts. Message me for any parts you may need from the engine. I posted a...
  7. psst1997

    FS: 20" Porsche Cayenne Sport Techno Wheels - Touareg Fitment

    These are in decent shape with some rash as pictured from the previous owner. Wasn't enough for me to vouch fixing them. Let me know if you have any questions. Planned on putting these on my V6 Touareg, but have new wheels since buying my V10. I always thought these dressed up the Touareg...
  8. psst1997

    Soooo, I bought a V10

    Had a v6 Touareg for a short minute. I liked the car/chassis itself but it really needed more ass. After having several sold out from under me, lost auctions, etc, I think I finally ended up with the right one. This one popped up on Craigslist on a Thursday in Michigan and I was driving to...
  9. psst1997

    FS: BuzzKen CR DPF Delete w/ Resonator Midpipe

    As stated in title. This is brand new never installed. Was for a customer car that is now letting their car go to buyback. $500
  10. psst1997

    FS: 2004 Passat TDI 6 Speed

    This is a GLX model with heated leather seats, and wood grain trim. I bought this car in 2012 to replace my daily driver B4. At the time it had a failed Automatic transmission. I replaced it with a good working auto from there and since then have replaced that transmission with a 6 speed...
  11. psst1997

    FS: MK4 O2J Manual Trans swap 118k

    As title states. Super low mileage swap. Car was in a rear end collision and engine used in another car. Let me know if you have any questions! Can get more pictures if necessary. Complete TDI 5 speed manual swap kit, includes transmission, clutch, axles, shifter, cables, clutch pedal...
  12. psst1997

    FS: 10mm Injection Pump - Remanufactured

    Pulled from a car with 252k but part number is an oem reman. Very clean, I'd guess low miles. No leaks. Includes lines. 200 shipped
  13. psst1997

    FS: MK4 Dual gauge column pod

    Brand new. As title states. Pics shortly. $35 shipped
  14. psst1997

    FS: Mk4 Bentley Manual including BEW

    As title states. Broken binding and some duct tape but still in good shape. Will post pictures shortly. $55 shipped.
  15. psst1997

    FS: Mk5/Mk6 Black Overhead Console/Sunroof Controls & Bluetooth Module

    As title states Console - $60 Bluetooth Module - $25
  16. psst1997

    2006 Golf Part Out - BEW Manual Trans

    122k. Recent rear mount failure, repaired with diesel geek's van Gogh bracket. At the same time a full timing belt service was done including camshaft replacement. I will be posting more pictures and prices as time allows. Body and panels won't be around long so if you need anything like that...
  17. psst1997

    FS: MK4 Upgrade Parts

    Selling my Mk4 so all my extra parts are for sale. I will update as I add/sell parts. Pics of most below. More upon request. GLI front lips are all in rough shape priced accordingly. R32 Steering Wheel - $400 R32 Pedal Set w/ dead pedal - $175 R32 Shift Knob/Boot - $150 GLI Side Skirts -...
  18. psst1997

    FS: MK6 Golf OEM Roof Rack w/ Bike Carriers

    Bought a car with this on it and took it off immediately to up my fuel economy. Comes with special tool for installation and removal. Bike trays will need new wheel straps as there is only one left. $350 obo
  19. psst1997

    FS: PD Intake Manifold

    Could all use a bit of cleaning. Edit: To avoid confusion, the part number for these manifolds: 03g 129 773 C. They are not from the PD150, but from Euro mk5 PD. Same as PD150 intake with slightly different bolt pattern for the race pipe. For a typical pd150 race pipe, it will require 1-2mm...
  20. psst1997

    FS: 11MM Injection Pump

    Pump was pulled off a car, still running, but would not hold IQ or run well. It was resealed a year ago and ran fine until then. 340k. Pump is sold AS IS. $150