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  1. ritsco

    A "What's it Worth" Thread

    OK, I am retiring at the end of this year. My wife said we can't keep 3 cars, so one has got to go. Bottom line is that she loves her SUV and she isn't budging. I love my 1984 M1009 Diesel Blazer and I am not budging. I don't feel like sleeping on the couch and she did make some other great...
  2. ritsco

    European Parts

    If one was overseas and able to get (any) some MK7 Euro goodies, what would you bring back in your spare suitcase?
  3. ritsco

    2015 MIB2 Upgrade - Anyone done one?

    I was thinking of upgrading the display to the larger MIB2 8" unit. How hard is it and how expensive is it. I have also seen that the new (2019, maybe earlier) have 9" screens. Is that possible (within a reasonable cost) to do on my GSW? I have the Fender/Nav unit in my 2015 GSW SEL.
  4. ritsco

    MK4 Parts Up for Sale

    MK4 Parts Up for Sale - CT I have a few VW MK4 Parts for sale. 1. Complete Roof Rack set up for a 4 door MK4 (will fit both the 4 door MK 4 Golf and the MK4 Jetta). Comes with 2 roof baskets (one stock, one custom), 2 bike racks and some spare parts. Has torque tool and all keys. All four end...
  5. ritsco

    Looking for a good tint shop in the New London CT area

    Wanting to get my GSW windows done. Need a decent tint place in the area. Looking to go ceramic and maybe even find someone who can do the little "wing" window. Any suggestions?
  6. ritsco

    Burning Oil Smell

    OK, ever since it got cold, twice now I have gotten out of my car and got a whiff of burning oil. Kinda like oil leaking out on a hot piece of metal smell. Once was after I drove to work (25 miles, 30 degrees F) and the other was today (152 miles and around 40 degrees F). Not a fan of the...
  7. ritsco

    MK4 Golf Headlights and Foglight Setup

    I have a set of never used, glass lens, factory blacked out HELIX projector headlights. They are equipped with amber turn signals and built-in fogs. All four tabs are perfect on each light. No bulbs. Replace those hazed up plastic lens with some really nice glass lens lights. $175 for the pair...
  8. ritsco

    Anyone lower their GSW

    I was reading on some other forums and was wondering if anyone has swapped out their springs and lowered their TDI GSW car a bit. Some are doing GOLF R springs, ACR, Eibach and others. I don't want slammed, but a small reduction (3/4 to 1.25") in ride height and flatter cornering while...
  9. ritsco

    VW MK4 Golf/Jetta Parts FS - CT

    VW MK4 Golf/Jetta Parts FS (including FUNK switch !)- CT Various VW MK4 parts for sale. All were used on a 2006 VW MK4 Golf TDI. All are in EXCELLENT condition. MK4 4 door Golf/Jetta Roof Rack: Fits both a 4 door Golf and Jetta. Main Cross bars are in excellent shape. All covers are complete...
  10. ritsco

    Under Seat Drawer

    Does anyone know if the underseat drawers from a MK6 will fit under my MK 7 SEL seats (either side or both)? I like the idea of the storage space and wouldn't mind installing a set. Also, can I bolt in some real leather seat from a MK6 or 7 GTI?
  11. ritsco

    2015 TDI's Available in NH

    I have no dog in the hunt, but here is a list of cars available from Mike P at Seacoast VW in Portsmouth NH. I just bought mine there and Mike was extremely helpful. Wagons: 2015 SEL Wagon - White - Auto - 12k miles - $25,899 2015 SEL Wagon - Blue - Auto - 33k miles - $24,000 2015 SE Wagon...
  12. ritsco

    2015 GSW Steering Wheel - Getting to know the car

    Bear with me, I'm an old, and simple man. So, every time I jump in my 2015 GSW TDI Auto (SEL if it makes a difference), the steering wheel fault light comes on (yellow) and the steering wheel shakes and makes a noise. The light goes out after a few seconds and stays off. Is this normal and...
  13. ritsco

    LaminX Headlight Film

    Is anyone running the slightly tinted version (I think it is 6%). I am thinking about the film for my GSW with the lighting package, but I was wondering if there is any degradation of light output due to the slight tint? If so, I'll go with the clear. Also, any legalities associated with the...
  14. ritsco

    Fuel Additives

    OK, in my MK4, I was using Standyne, Diesel Kleen and on occasion, Mercury 2 Stroke oil as a fuel additive on each fill up to help with lubricity. With the EA288 and how it is built to todays fuel standards, are these additives necessary anymore? I figure the manufactures should have figured...
  15. ritsco

    What size Snow Tires and Wheel for my 2015 GSW

    I am going to look for a set of snow tires and wheel for winter. I am currently running the factory 18's and doubt the 225/40 P7's are any good in the snow. Any suggestions? I was thinking of some 16" steelies with 215/65 Blizzak's. That should keep everything spinning as if the 18's were on...
  16. ritsco

    2006 Golf GLS - CT

    SOLD !!!!! 2006 Golf GLS - CT 2006 VW Golf GLS TDI with Automatic (5sp Triptronic) Approximately 210,000 well maintained mostly highway miles. -Leather sport seats, with heat (the heat works) from a 20th GTI. Has tilt forward feature. -AC works and blows cold -Three Spoke GTI leather...
  17. ritsco

    EA288 OIL - 507 Questions

    OK, I am on a learning curve, so forgive me if I ask an already answered question (and yes, I did search). 2015 GSW TDI with the EA288. Manual says to use a 507 spec oil. Got it. It also says it can be a 5w30 OR a 5w40 weight oil. I was noticing that most, if not all of the 507 spec oils...
  18. ritsco

    2015 TDI GSW SEL Proper Battery Size ?

    So, I am exploring my new TDI. While under the hood I noticed that the battery currently residing under the hood is fairly small. It reads as follows: 5KO 915 105 E 12V 61AH 330A DIN 540A EN/SAE/GS Compared to my 2006, this battery is tiny and appears very underrated for a diesel. Is this...
  19. ritsco

    New (to me) TDI - 2015 GSW SEL (a Buyback)

    Just picked up a 2015 GSW TDI SEL. Bought it from a dealer in NH and she had 26,000 miles on her. Only flaws I could find were two small nicks in the paint on the rear door (I'll be taking care of those today). Drove her back to CT yesterday and I have to say that there is a hell of a...
  20. ritsco

    Rear Rotor single screw

    I am not having a good few weeks. Does anyone know where I can buy the single screw that secures the rotor to the hub? Is the dealer the only one that will have it? Does anyone know what size it is? Someone stripped out the old screw and sooner than later I will get that bastard out and...