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  1. TheTDIWagonGuy

    01M Troubles

    Hi, I recently bought a 2000 TDI for my daughter. The transmission is in limp mode. Reverse and 1st work if you select them. D is 3rd gear only. When I scanned the transmission it came up with these codes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address...
  2. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Skid plates back in stock! (finally)

    After a long and frustrating delay they are back in stock. :D
  3. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Happy Birthday Raydeee!!!

    Happy Birthday Ray! :D
  4. TheTDIWagonGuy

    I now have lift pumps for sale

    FYI I posted this in the vendor section. :D
  5. TheTDIWagonGuy

    You now have options to repair or replace your BEW PD Lift Pump

    I now have BEW Lift Pumps and replacement pump motors for the old style lift pump for sale. BEW Lift Pump They are made by a OE Manufacturer and I back the lift pump by a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty. Cost is $149.00 including shipping to anywhere in Canada and the lower 48 states in the...
  6. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Vote For TDIMeister!!!

    Looks like Dave is trying to be the Ultimate Blogger For BMW. I think he would definitely be the best person for the job but needs our help. He has brought so much knowledge and insight to this site. I know it's BMW and not VW but his favorite car is the 335D. Vote for him every day and lets see...
  7. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Seafoam fuel and oil treatment on sale at Canadian Tire

    $9.59 I have read about it but haven't tried it yet. Was $15 bucks the other day.
  8. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Merry Christmas from Defender Tech

    We wish you all the very best of the holiday season. Merry Christmas!
  9. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Windshield washer at Walmart in Ontario $1.50 a jug

    I just picked up a case. -35 degree blue stuff.
  10. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Where to buy Rhino ramps in Ontario?

    I'm looking for a set of these and was sure Canadian Tire sold them, but they have another brand now. I don't like the look of them and am tired of the metal ramps making marks in the driveway. Any ideas?
  11. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Feeler.....Mini GTA / Ontario TDIFEST G2G

    Since the fest is on the other side of the continent this year. I thought it would be a good idea to have a mini fest / G2G to meet up and raise some cash for the club. I know it is short notice but... Any thoughts? Mike
  12. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Anybody have a spare 10mm injection pump?

    I am having issues that I think may be related to the IP. I am wondering if someone has one that I can borrow to test my hunch. Thanks
  13. TheTDIWagonGuy

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  14. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Triple square bits at Princess Auto!

    A set of 4 was $8.00! :D
  15. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Interesting local Bio-Diesel article

    If only it wasn't so far from me... :(
  16. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Aquapel at NAPA $8.99

    Just looking through the fliers and saw this. I had no idea you could buy these like this.
  17. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Street Toys March madness turbo sale!

    The S/T 1852 VG is an upgraded version of our prior model of this turbo. Our new and improved turbine increases the exhaust flow by more than 30% above our older version. Still delivering an almost instant spool, this turbo will decrease EGT’s and EMP’s (exhaust manifold pressure) even more...
  18. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

    I would like to thank the hundreds of satisfied customers that have bought the Defender Skid plate. I am happy to bring a viable cost effective option to the TDI community. And emails from my customers like this say it all. :D "Brand names removed so as to not single out a specific brand."...
  19. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Lower flat rate shipping to the lower 48!

    I am happy to announce that I will now be offering flat rate shipping to my customers in the lower 48. :D $45 by UPS While I'm at it I would also like to thank my customers for their support. :) And yes, the MK5 version is slowly coming. Sorry for the delay. :o
  20. TheTDIWagonGuy

    Street Toys 10% Off Christmas Special!!

    Everything on the STREET TOYS website is ON SALE untill the end of the year! To get the 10% sale price all you need is the coupon code STXMAS-09 and it will discount your total at the check out. This code will automaticly deactivate on the 31st of December! Even the Christmas special turbo...