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  1. witchcraftz

    WTB Eibach MK7 TDI Golf Springs

    Looking for part number E10-15-021-04-22
  2. witchcraftz

    VWR on MK7 TDi = forward rake?

    I installed the VWR springs yesterday on my Koni Yellows and it has forward rake. Are all VWR TDI springs like this? The ride is fine but I hate the fact it's not sitting even in the front and back. It would be much better if it sat flat. Do other springs (H&R, ED,...) do the same thing? :(...
  3. witchcraftz

    MK7 VWR springs - forward rake?

    Mods please delete - double post
  4. witchcraftz

    Bosch Says It's Made a Breakthrough That Can Save Diesel Engines

    “There’s a future for diesel. Today, we want to put a stop, once and for all, to the debate about the demise of diesel technology.” It was with these words that the Bosch CEO Dr. Volkmar Denner, speaking at the company’s annual press conference, announced a decisive breakthrough in diesel...
  5. witchcraftz

    DPF cleaning solutions

    I've been looking into DPF cleaning solutions, the kind that you inject directly onto the dpf to cleanup the soot residue. They come usually in a 2 bottle formulation bottle 1 = cleaner bottle 2 = rinser I have come to the conclusion that these products are massively overpriced. At the base all...
  6. witchcraftz

    Boxster front brake upgrade

    I got a pair of Boxster front calipers and I was wondering: To upgrade do I need the 1.8T knuckles or can I just use the TDI knuckles with the 1.8T carriers? In other words, will the TT/20th/GLI rotors fit on the TDI hubs if I have extended the carriers using 1.8T carriers?
  7. witchcraftz

    Wilwood 11" calipers part number?

    What is the part number for the Wilwood 11" brakes which fit a TDI? :confused:
  8. witchcraftz

    DIY: Fog light mk4 harness wiring diagram

    I made a clear diagram on how to install fog lights on a MK4. The fog harness I bought came with no instructions and the ones I found were not helpful. I included a diagram on the top left made by someone else showing the pins on the headlight switch, if you made this and want credit, let me...
  9. witchcraftz

    TDI DSG retrofit

    I have a 2005 TDI Jetta with Tiptronic. I want to retrofit the 2004 TDI new Beetle DSG transmission to it. I'm looking for any information, diagrams, diy, help from people who have done this on how difficult it will be to mate up. :)
  10. witchcraftz

    DIY: MK5 steering wheel on MK4

    Disclaimer: Any modifications are at your own risk. I am not liable for any damage or harm that may occur from following this DIY. If anyone has comments on something incorrect or suggestions to make this better, PM me. :) Tools Required: wrench 10 Small screwdriver 12 point (also called triple...
  11. witchcraftz

    VNT17vb Kerma TDI hose adapter issue

    I got a VNT17vb with the Kerma TDI hose adapter from a local dubber . The hose end fits fine, but the end that goes into the turbo, I can't figure out how to get the clip to fit. Does this require a special clip? :(...
  12. witchcraftz

    FS: Ross-tech KII-USB VCDS Cable

    SOLD $190 shipped in the USA (+$10 to Canada) Works on:
  13. witchcraftz

    WTB: VNT17 egr pipe.

    Looking for this pipe to complete my VNT17 upgrade. I know Kerma and Idparts sell them but I'm sure a used one will work just as well, so if you have one kicking around PM me. :)
  14. witchcraftz

    VNT17 EGR cooler connecting issues

    I'm installing a vnt17vb on my BEW, everything bolted up fine but the EGR cooler pipe seems to be 1 inch too short to reach? What have I screwed up?
  15. witchcraftz

    FS: VOLK-L Radio RT100

    SOLD I bought this with the intention of installing it but ended up going a different direction. This is a Volkswagen RMT100 Volk-L MP3 Radio with USB capability. It's in like new condition, no dings, dents, blemishes or any other aesthetic issues. Model#: 1JM-035-157-AJ In 100% working...
  16. witchcraftz

    Thread with diy for turbo braided oil line?

    Hi, I could have sworn I came accross a thread with a step by step set of instructions for a SS braidd oil line for the turbo, but I can't seem to fint it anymore? I found one thread with a reference to what to buy: But I thought I had found a more complete diy, with pictures, previously...
  17. witchcraftz

    VNT17 oxidation a problem?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on buying this VNT17 but wanted some feedback on whether that rust in the last picture is an issue?