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    Wanted: reputable company to rebuild turbos

    I have (2) K03's that need to be rebuilt. Can anyone recommend someone that they have personal experience with? Also, what did they charge? It's not for a diesel (2.7T - Audi Allroad), but I have to pull the engine to change them and I don't want to do it more than once. Thanks in advance...
  2. Area351

    FS: MK4 late style tan glove box assembly

    Complete, nice tan glove box assembly (will fit early cars as well if you remove the accordion and bracket). One broken tab behind the radio trim like they all have. Doesn't affect fit or fitment. Asking $100 shipped.
  3. Area351

    FS: tan center console with cupholders

    FS: Mk4 tan center console with cupholders No broken tabs, cracks or chips. Very nice for being around 12 years old. Sold. PayPal to family/friends.
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    FS: Mk4 Jetta Votex front bumper cover

    Selling off my Mk4's and a bunch of extra parts I've been hoarding. This is a pretty nice OEM front bumper cover for a Mk4 Jetta. Includes all three grilles. Had a couple of small cracks from previous owner and they have been professionally repaired using SEM two part bumper epoxy. Pictures...
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    WTB: One front Raceland Coilover

    Raceland wants $100 for the cartridge. What a ripoff. One of mine is bent and I need a replacement. I really just need the cartridge but will buy the whole thing if necessary. Red coil, not an Ultimo. Mk4 fitment. Lmk what you have.
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    FS: 02 Jetta Wagon - TDI Project

    Too many projects and not enough time. I'm considering selling my Jetta Wagon TDI Swap Project. The 02 wagon originally came with a blown 2.0 liter engine (~107k miles) and the 02 TDI Jetta Sedan was bought from a salvage company due to a front end collision (~97k miles). I have everything...
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    FS: Black Glove Box Assembly

    From an 02+ but will fit earlier years if you remove the aluminum accordion and bracket. Soft touch is in really nice shape with minimal wear. The one mounting tab that goes under the front shift surround it's cracked (like they all do) but doesn't affect fitment. The 6 torx screws are really...
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    FS: (2) Mk4 Jetta, Golf, GTI glove box doors - 02+

    FS: (2) Mk4 Jetta, Golf, GTI grey glove box doors - 02+ These are the new style with rack and pinion mechanisms, not the early piston style doors. No keys (you can swap yours out). SOLD!
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    WTB: black climatronic control surround

    I have a Mk4 GLX and want to get rid of the woodgrain trim. Does anyone have a black climatronic surround they want to sell? I just need the small square bezel that surrounds the climatronic unit, not the whole center dash trim. Price mailed (USPS small flat rate box) please. Thanks.
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    FS: Mk4 Jetta rear mud flaps

    Decent shape, not easy to find. A little dirty, but they clean up nice (will do before shipping). Asking $40 shipped to the lower 48, more to Canada.
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    FS: Mk4 rear adjustable spring perches - got lift?

    These were originally used with a set of lowering springs, but I was going to use them to lift the rear of my wagon. Plans have changed and I'm going with coilovers instead. No wrenches included, but I'm sure you can get a set (Raceland) or you could fab up something or just use channel locks...
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    FS: Complete set of Jetta Monster Mats

    $100 shipped. They are Mk4 round hole, all clips intact. Sorry about the pic, that's a little dirt on the mats. Didn't have a chance to hose them off. They clean up like new (will do that before shipping).
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    FS: Complete set of Jetta Monster Mats

    Sorry, double post.
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    FS: Grey center console with cupholders - leather ebrake - leather arm rest

    Nice 04-05 grey center console with cup holders, matching leather ebrake, complete leather center arm rest (some wear on front of lid). All tabs intact, no cracks, chips or dings. Will fit any Mk4 Jetta, Golf, GTI. SOLD. PayPal accepted if you pay their fees, or send to family/friends (no...
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    FS: Mk3 OEM rubber floor mats with VW logo - pretty rare

    These came out of an 01 Cabby but should fit any Mk3 Jetta (possibly others). SOLD
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    VAG TACHO needed

    Anyone have a good working copy of Vag Tacho? I need to pull a bunch of SKC's on some used clusters I have at the shop and the version I have tried to install a Trojan (key logger) on my laptop. I know there is software available on eBay (where this copy came from - customer brought it in with...
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    FS: Mk4 black center center console with cup holders

    ****** Please post here if interested - do NOT pm me ****** These are kind of hard to find and way better than risking a spill in your head unit with the center mounted cup holders. It's in pretty good shape for its age but does have one broken tab where it would screw to the shifter...
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    Older VW diesel engine and trans on Craigslist - not mine - $150

    Came across this and thought someone might be interested. It's not mine and I have no idea what it is, but I know people are always looking for this kind of stuff. If you know what it is, please share for future reference. Looks like a 1.6 according to the block...
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    WTB: PD Turbo

    I have a customer's car in the shop (2005 Jetta - 200k miles) and the turbo is fubar. Anyone have a stock one they want to get rid of? Price, pics and shipping to Kingston Pa.18704 please. Thanks