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    crash safety of older VW's

    After rounding a slight bend onto untracked slush in MT. I rolled an 86 jetta 4 1/2 times from 85 mph. skipped across the median, hit the other side with the windshield/front of roof. Car wound up sliding upside down and backwords into oncoming traffic on the other seperated interstate. All...
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    Need T3 Sycnro Trans done

    I highly recommend aa transaxle in duvall, Washington. Darrel built and regeared my syncro tranny. Still going strong after 30k miles of 23 psi tdi abuse (love).
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    In an effort to clean up tdiclub and throw out the forum bashing

    I've been away for a while- damn is this all taken so seriously? Look for a nug under your seat vermont!
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    Saturn TDI Conversion

    wow- tools to make tools! The logic escapes me but you have some incredible work there. I look forward to your progress.
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    2.5 V6 TDI A4 Avant Quattro swap project

    When I converted my vanagon to diesel (MT) I went to the DMV and simply said "this title is incrorrect. this vehicle is a diesel." No problem, she entered "Diesel", took my $260, and handed me permanent plates.
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    Vanagon 1Z TDI conversion pics

    Time or money? A lot.
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    Most Aero Roof Rack?

    The ladder hasn't been purchased yet, but losing the passenger seat is not a good option for us. An extension ladder would be ~12' long, 18' wide, and 8' thick.
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    Most Aero Roof Rack?

    Our company recently bought an 06 jetta for site visits (we sell PV systems). We need the jetta to haul a ladder frequently. The ladder needs to reach at least 25', so storing it inside is not a good option. I'm looking for a rack with the least amount of drag. I might try and make a bag to...
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    My 17 is missing studs... ***

    No big deal. I bought them straight from the vw parts counter. Same as 15 studs.
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    Repower a vanagon with what?

    I'm using a kennedy adapter plate (recomend adding steel inserts to lower tranny mount pickups) and kennedy stage II clutch. Clutch is holding up well to rc4 and vnt 17. Cheap and smooth engagement. Electronics work well, vag-com is really nice. Electronics are a pita some times, but no more...
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    V10 in an Audi URQ

    buy a wrecked toureg. The're not impossible to find. It's a pretty compact motor, ~10cm shorter than a 5cyl. All aluminum, probably not much if at all heavier. I'm pretty sure it would fit in a cq, not sure about the urq.
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    2.5 V6 TDI A4 Avant Quattro swap project

    jc whitney sells asphalt based adhesive sound mats (like dynamat) for really cheap. I think they are about $30 for a ~3.5x2.5' sheet.
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    BEW coolant flange question

    I took the glow plug mainifold off, replaced it with the auto manifold, welded a 1" or so flange to the gasket side of the glow plug flange, added a ground wire and installed it inline. Works great.
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    1986 Syncro Westfalia with ALH - update

    link Where did the air/water exchanger come from?
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    1986 Syncro Westfalia with ALH - update

    nice oil filler cap!
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    PD130 Vs. PD150 Turbos

    Not true. The pd130 can deliver as much power, reliability, and efficiency as the pd150 turbo. Plus it is much easier to swap out later, is available domestically (us passat uses it with different manifold), and is far cheaper. The downside is the initial install is more involved, requires...
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    K&N or other racing filters

    how much?
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    K&N or other racing filters

    25k on a k&n. Not that I had the choice. MAF and compressor wheel look and function normally. Overblown worry IMO.
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    Anyone unhappy with RC?

    fuel to the fire... The upsolute rep used to post that same picture and say the very same thing. It would be a coincidence for someone to dig it up today and and restate it.
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    DSG or 5-speed?

    230k miles on an original 89 jetta clutch. Car was driven hard, lots of track days, moderate mods, before an untimely end on a snowy road. My roomate has 205 on a subaru legacy with original clutch. It's all about how you use it. Clutches and transmissions last a lot longer if you're smooth...