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  1. 808tdi

    Alarm no longer honks horn??

    This has been going on for a while actually. One day my TDI just stopped honking when I press the door lock button on my remote.... I don't mind too much, in fact I like the fact that it doesn't honk anymore. The fact that it did it by itself for no reason is what has been bothering me. The...
  2. 808tdi

    Can't dyno my Jetta ?

    I brought my car in today to get it dynoed, just to see what I was working with, and out of curiosity. They got it ratchet strapped up and then when he was about to do the first pull the TCS and ABS lights come on and the car wont go over 10 mph.... He told me there was no way to dyno the car...
  3. 808tdi

    Anyone in the 808 area?

    I'm looking to install a Snow MPG Max water/meth kit on a mk6 and need a bit of help. Before I hand the car over to a local diesel shop I just wanted to see if any members had experience or were willing to lend a hand. I haven't seen a lot of people on here from Oahu..