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    Starting better after recent work

    2 items I have observed since doing all the recent work to my car is it cold starts a lot better and less Smokey. It would stumble and sputter for 10 sec or so on a 40 degree or colder cold start. Also I notice even after it’s warm, the exhaust smell is more noticeable. I’d call it a sweet smell...
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    BEW guys, 80k means 80k! (Or 5 Years)

    80k! Not 81k. 82k, OR 84k on your timing belts (where I am now) or you end up with stripped teeth, like me! I just ordered and took delivery of all my replacement TB stuff and cam stuff and tonight she lost power and died on the way home. I was scheduled to replace all the stuff next week. I...
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    Your high mileage turbo life.

    Your high mileage turbo I am seeing more and more failed turbo posts popping up. I don’t want to jinx myself but I have 228k on the stock turbo. I beat on it regularly. Stock tune, etc. Who else has some decent miles on their original turbo? Am I sitting on a time bomb?
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    How to adjust 5th gear fork?

    I had my 02J trans apart a couple months ago for diff bearings and ever since then if I try to shift quickly into 5th I get a slight grind. Another new issue is if I'm on the highway for a while when slowing down in 5th and try to go to neutral sometimes it will get stuck in 5th. I have new...
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    Wtb wheat beige mkiv hood connecticut

    Hit a deer. Need a wheat beige mkiv hood ideally in Connecticut
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    Gear shift linkage keeps binding up

    02J linkage keeps binding up. I took the linkages off and manually exercised them and they freed up, 50 miles later it's stuck in the neutral position again. Anyone ever deal with this?
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    Fuel leak from lines inside unibody channel

    1 of the Fuel lines in between fuel cooler and fuel filter seem to have a leak. It's in the channel attached to the unibody. This a common problem or no? There's a blue plastic hose and a black one.
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    light accelleration=howling/whirring

    I notice over the last 1K miles a noise from what sounds like the front driverside. Light accel mostly. Its not the grinding/growling i read about in the search i did, and once again its under light load, not all the time while coasting, etc. On saturday im going to get it up on the lift and...
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    back tires like this / \

    i put it up on the lift, shook everything, inspected bushings. can weak shocks do this? I figured springs is what sets the ride height? Inside of my tires are cupping due to this.
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    Glow plug issue I presume?

    My PD's glow plug light came on for about 3 sec this am and shut off so I went to start and it ran but pumped out blue smoke and stumbled for about 10 sec. It was 30deg out. Glow plug issue I presume? No cel on. First winter with this car.
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    Clunk when braking

    I feel a clunk in the front end while getting on the brakes. It's more pronounced when you give them a quick jab. I'm thinking strut mounts or the bearings?
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    2004 Jetta clock spring with ESP

    It looks like I'm going to need to change out my clock spring due to the airbag light/esp light being on and horn not working. I'm having a hard time finding the part number for the clockspring with the esp feature. Any help appreciated. I'm the new owner to this car, it all started with a...