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    Manual transmission fluid

    I'll have a look. Thanks for the suggestion. I have to say, that in the winter, when the transmission is cold, it's a bit of a pain to get in to 2nd gear and it will grind from time to time when engaging that gear. A buddy of mine said he could get MTL for 12$CDN/L or something like that.
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    Manual transmission fluid

    My car is an 2003 Golf 5spd manual with 70000Km. Should I change the transmission oil?
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    ***À Vendre*** Édition Mai 2009

    2003 Golf GL TDI Millage: 69,000 KM Transmission: 5 spd manuel Options: AC Serrures électriques VW alarm/immobiliser Condition: Propore, bonne condition et bien entretenue Changement d'huile fait à tout les 8000KM avec Motul 8100 5w40 -...
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    jump start (boost) question

    w00t! Buddy of mine came over, boosted it and it started. Now, I'll let it idle for 30-45 min. I'll go for a little ride after that. He lent me a car battery charger. I'll let it charge @ 2Amp overnight.
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    jump start (boost) question

    It's from the dealer. Bought it in Dec 2007 at Volkswagen de l'Outaouais.
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    jump start (boost) question

    I haven't notice any difference. It seems ok. This morning, it was slow...
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    jump start (boost) question

    I did add some PS to the tank and filled up tuesday before the cold wave. Usually I put Sunoco Gold, but I was squeezed in time and put some Ultramar.
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    jump start (boost) question

    Thanks! -35C is low... I wasn't sure what to expect.
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    jump start (boost) question

    Ok. Thanks.
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    jump start (boost) question

    Anything special I should know about boosting my TDI? (2003). The battery is was changed in Dec 2007 and the car has 65KKm. Couldn't get it to start this morning and tried again at 11h00 and failed. The battery deffinitively dosen't have enough power. PS: I did a search but too many result with...
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    Feeler: How much could I get 2003 Golf TDI 62K

    Hi, My bro wants to buy my car. I was tempted to sell it since I don't use it "enough". I also started to work less than 5Km from my house. Therefor, I either walk or take the car on rainy days. I feel guilty taking it for such small drives. On cold morning, it barely gets to operating...
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    Freins arrière finis...

    Je suis rendu à 47KKM et je pense que je suis dû en arrière. Ça fait du bruit de frottage quand je brake. J'ai nettoyé et graissé les 4 coins l'été passé. Va falloire que je regard ça l'aire dequoi.
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    timing belt replacement

    How about the water pump?
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    timing belt replacement

    I do not want to thread jack, but I have question reguarding timming belt change. My car is a 2003 and only has 47000Km. Rubber can crack/degrade after time especially if expose to hot and cold. Would it be recommended to change the TB before the actual millage requirement?
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    You know you're obsessed when....

    hahaha, I just sent it to my GF. She concurs, I'm obsessed. :D
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    Directement du Mexique

    Qué? C'est pas mal lisible... Mais, la seule chose que je ne peux pas déchiffrer c'est si c'est à gazole ou bonne vieille gazoline.
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    Idea for you "VW is soo unreliable" nuts

    I'm waiting for Toyota to bring the D4-D or what ever else they'll come up with.
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    Need tire suggestions

    I've learned long ago that year round tires aren't working here. Its not about the actual thread but the rubber. Things get cold here and a tire that would be soft enough to be safe of dry extreme cold wouldn't last long in the summer. Therefor, I have separate winter tires on rims and summer/4...
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    Want a freight train horn in my TDI...

    I can't beleive nobody posted about "Horn Blasters" Check out the link and don't miss the videos. :D