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  1. Spike_africa

    Kerma Qpro flash tuner

    Pulled from my traded in 2013 Passat TDI and car was returned to stock. I'm 99% sure you still have to pay kerma for a new tune. They give a discount if you already have the tuner from my emailing with them back and forth. So this saves you money. $115.00 shipped.
  2. Spike_africa

    Kerma Passat tune results

    With all the bashing etc.. that goes on here is my view after about 1.5 months of owning a tuned Passat. The city mpg and hwy mpg are pretty much even at 2mpg higher then stock. This car doesn't have the DSG tune so this is with stock shifting. Power is nice. Hammer it in the dry and it will...
  3. Spike_africa

    Tried searching, how do you remove lower grill?

    I googled, I searched on here, I can't find out how to remove them? Do you really just pull on them?
  4. Spike_africa

    Anyone running the tune?

    I didn't see anything other then everyone saying run Malone. TDtuning did my now sold 06 Jetta TDi and it was great. Just looking at some other options.
  5. Spike_africa

    Quick EGR question guys

    I have a tune already from however I was stupid and didn't get the EGR turned off. Is it possible to slip in my own block off plate and keep the egr in place just stop the flow from entering the manifold? I'm sure like most new cars it has a flow sensor, but never hurts to ask...
  6. Spike_africa

    1/4 mile of MKV PD cars

    I looked through the 1/4 thread and couldn't find anything. What does the average PD Jetta or Golf run stock and then with a tune. high 16's to 17's stock and mid 15's tuned I would guess? Just curous.
  7. Spike_africa

    BRM cam's to choose from... Lets discuss

    So there seems to be a few choices now for cams. I know many of us are at the point were it needs to be changed or will need to be changed again as a OEM one was used before aftermarket stepped in. I figured this would be a good place to gather our scatered knowledge of the cam choices as of...
  8. Spike_africa

    Anyone running Malone 2 and exhaust on their car?

    My father is looking into getting one soon. It will be used and will get a tune pretty much right away. What are your thoughts on power gains and mpg from it. My TDi Jetta got a nice 4mpg bump in mileage.
  9. Spike_africa

    plug and play gauges?

    are there any plug and play setups like the domestics truck have for us?
  10. Spike_africa

    New Hawk HPS pads installed

    New Hawk HPS pads installed, Plus a Pic! Well the Jetta is at 64,000 miles and badly needed new pads on the back end. So we did good Dot 4 fluid with Hawk HPS pads. I just got back from breaking them in and doing some brake tests. The car stops fantastic now. For a cheap $180 upgrade its worth...
  11. Spike_africa

    Location of n75 and egr question

    Ok GF has a 06 Jetta tdi DSG. Car has tdituning stage2 tune, drop in k&n, and water meth kit installed. The car lost power and tossed codes for n75 failure and egr failed. Where is the n75 located at or is there a good repair manual someone can lead me too. I like to do all my own I...