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  1. deejaaa

    Need Help With Diagnosing Low MPG

    i was happy with mpg (60) until this happened: before the fix, ultragauge was showing @ 30 instant and mileage checks confirmed it. now that i'm back on the road, mileage has stayed @ 30. car is running great and has good throttle response...
  2. deejaaa

    Forged in Fire

    this was on Forged in Fire tonight: anyone else see it?
  3. deejaaa

    IAT high, boost low......

    have an Ultragauge and it's reading boost -14.65 and IAT as 410f. just started this and have checked VNT, good movement, and all vac hoses were either replaced or checked good. read about the MAP so removed/cleaned. with it still removed i turned on key and still had same readings. plugged MAP...
  4. deejaaa

    info needed: airbag connection differences between seats

    installed front seats from an 01 NB (so was told) and the Jetta airbag connections are different. searched but multiple threads come up with no help. either want to get an adapter from a vendor to connect them or swap the old connector to the new and rewire the plug. need wire info. even some...
  5. deejaaa

    clean EGR or not. opinions wanted.

    here's a video, pics just didn't come out clear enough. is this bad enough to mess with? tried to get the screws loosened but one was really tight, other was a pain to get to. figured i would see if it's bad enough to go through all the trouble. technical problems. will try another route. here...
  6. deejaaa

    Houston, 02 TDI, auto, white,

    Houston area, 02 TDI, auto, white, $4050 (League City) Posting for a friend. Has it listed on CL locally but wanted it to get better coverage here. The ad tells the story of how he came into possession of it. I can answer questions after talking to him or you can call him direct. His name is...
  7. deejaaa

    CL Find: 2014 volkswagon jetta clasico - $125,000.00 (tomball)

    this is NOT mine. not a TDI. found on craigslist. The car is brand new , nothing wrong with it has about 3 thousand miles its a rare car and really great with fuel ,its a 5 SPEED MANUAL ,Not automatic , pric es is negotiable give me a call or...
  8. deejaaa

    Strange q from newbie

    here is the IM at 6:35 pm: "hi. i have noticed your experience with tdi. maybe you know how i can solve my situation. as i put in the title i have ecm 038 997 016c. does this ecm will work? 038 906 016h. is it compatible with 2004 tdi 1.9l bew engine? best regards, onjayu:)" how can...
  9. deejaaa

    Jetta truck on "Lost in Transmission"

    watched an episode of lost in transmission. he bought a jetta and kit to convert it to a truck for 5000.00. finished product looked good to me. took pics of the tv and will post some tomorrow. anyone else watch it? here's some links...
  10. deejaaa

    2002 vw jetta tdi diesel Body - $495 (cleveland) Tx

    this is not mine but is a good buy to re-purpose or get back on the road. 2002 vw jetta tdi diesel Body - $495 (cleveland)Tx 2002 vw jetta tdi : white : diesel : automatic selling just the body...
  11. deejaaa

    2002 vw jetta tdi diesel Body - $495 (cleveland) Tx

    this is not mine but is a good buy to re-purpose or get back on the road. 2002 vw jetta tdi diesel Body - $495 (cleveland)Tx 2002 vw jetta tdi : white : diesel : automatic selling just the body...
  12. deejaaa

    5th gear is dead....,%20Transmission,%20and%20Final%20Drive/34%20Manual%20Transmission.pdf...
  13. deejaaa

    The $20 DIY Brake Pressure Bleeder

    this is not my info and not sure if it has been posted before so just in case here it is. i have enough junk in the shop and could put this together for just the cost of a sprayer. i like the idea and will try this real soon...
  14. deejaaa

    cleaned fender liners today.......

    removed the screws, pulled back the liner and this was waiting for me, this was an Arizona car so i didn't see ANY rot. the amount of debris surprised me to say the least, used compressed air and water to clean it out, after, both sides were packed with leaves, dirt. passenger side had the...
  15. deejaaa

    coolant leak, 02 Jetta

    read other post but am still confused. here are some pics of the area it seems to be coming from: ground, inside pan, pooled on cover, believe it is under this area, didn't see any obvious ares that were wet, this in the same general area, looks like a little on the lower connection...
  16. deejaaa

    Rear license plate no lights...Fixed!

    noticed there was no power to the rear plate lights. read a few post about it and mine was the classic "wires frayed at the link". cut into the rubber boot, here is the kink: they were not broke but shorting and burned the 5 amp fuse. could have just taped them up and been done but wanted...
  17. deejaaa

    How TO: Blind Spot Mirrors!

    tools used: used a mirror found at the salvage yard from a Passat, flip over for reverse pattern: marked: scored: rough cut: after belt sander to smooth edges and rough spots: score again and snap:
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    please delete this.
  19. deejaaa

    Options/ideas, blind spot side mirrors?

    i had small round fish eye stick-ons, wasn't satisfied so removed frame, glued them on, looked better but just not right. didn't like the blue tint with the silver circle. saw replacements on the bay but 75.00 is a little steep to me. any options or ideas? don't care if it's blue or not.
  20. deejaaa

    improve Cd 2002 Jetta info

    this is mostly for me to keep track of mods and to see what's out there to improve efficiency of my daily commute. more links/sites will be added/deleted as needed/located. ______________________ 02 Jetta Cd: 0.3, L 172", W 68", H 56", WB 98.9", front track 59.6", rear track 58.8", turning...