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  1. 808tdi

    Methanol injection

    That's a solenoid, there's also a second one before the injectors.
  2. 808tdi

    Water Methanol injection on a TDI?

    Yep, its installed now. Pics are in my Sig below. I need to throw it on the local dynojet to confirm the results. How do you have your injection set? Mine activates at 10, power mode at 17 and max flow at 20psi.
  3. 808tdi

    Methanol injection

    There is no washer fluid with methanol where I am.... ever... So I am forced to buy the good stuff. 100% M1 Methanol. It damn near knocks me on my a$$ every time the fumes hit me while I'm pouring it. I run a 60% water 40% Methanol mix. The thing with methanol is that it is capable of...
  4. 808tdi

    Alarm no longer honks horn??

    It is on my 1 year old MK6 Jetta. It happened by itself, I never messed with anything. I thought at first I must of hit some weird combination of remote keys that turned it off. I haven't been able to turn it back on.
  5. 808tdi

    How much quicker is a Malone tuned car?

    TCS Button Install Video It took me a lot longer than this guy simply because I drove home with my install kit and didn't wait for the engine to cool down..... so I kept burning the **** out of my hands trying to pull the ABS module. Getting the wires through the firewall is also not as easy on...
  6. 808tdi

    Alarm no longer honks horn??

    This has been going on for a while actually. One day my TDI just stopped honking when I press the door lock button on my remote.... I don't mind too much, in fact I like the fact that it doesn't honk anymore. The fact that it did it by itself for no reason is what has been bothering me. The...
  7. 808tdi

    What did you do to your mk6 Jetta today?

    Replaced the factory discharge damper today. Total install time was around 1 hour. The hardest part was putting the bottom bolt on the neuspeed damper that replaced it. Noticeably louder turbo whistle .... It seems to spool faster but hard to tell.
  8. 808tdi

    Methanol injection

    Snow kit on a MK6 Jetta I finally got my stage 3 water methanol kit installed and running in my car. I can definitely feel more power with 60/40 injection. Now that I got my TCS button installed I'm going to schedule a few dyno runs. That tank was full to the top 16 miles ago... But I was...
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    New Performance Chip on eBay

    This is what you get with those universal "performance" chips : Note the high level of engineering involved.
  10. 808tdi

    tuning options

    You should just feel grateful your car is still up and running fine with over a quarter million miles. Tuning is the last thing you want to do, you need to baby that thing.:D
  11. 808tdi

    Tuning a MKVI Jetta TDI

    I have a few comments on APR. As one of the very few people around here who have the APR tune. The good thing about the APR tune is that it is 1 program which includes DSG torque limit bypasses. It is pretty close to most other stage 1 tunes, and costs about the same. The selling point with APR...
  12. 808tdi

    upgrade part question

    Its for the CR 140 CJAA It says right in the description... Fits: 2010-UP Audi A3, VW Jetta and Golf 2.0L TDI Clean Diesel with engine code CJAA and plastic damper. 2012 -UP VW Passat 2.0L Clean Diesel with engine code CKRA.
  13. 808tdi

    Methanol injection

    Yes. Not including shipping though. The picture shows the wrong tank though. It actually comes with the larger 2.5 gallon tank.
  14. 808tdi

    APR is just guessing if they have a ECU

    Can Malone overwrite an APR tune? After I get done with my grieving process of losing 600$ to an (arguably) inferior and uncustomizable tune I plan on going with Malone. I want that Rawtek exhaust!
  15. 808tdi

    Methanol injection

    It is 100% safe when installed and run correctly. I got my snow kit form for 550. That's the cheapest I could find it.
  16. 808tdi

    Methanol injection

    There's no stage 2 or DPF delete offered by APR.... I know this because I "went APR" and now I'm forever stuck with my DPF. With the generic kit that you are thinking about I have no idea. I think devilsown and Snow performance have specific applications for TDIs. I'm in the process of...
  17. 808tdi

    Methanol injection

    Yes, and many people here run W/M. There are tons of threads on the topic here if you do a search. --off topic-- I see on your planned upgrades you plan to do APR stage 1 & also a DPF delete. That isn't going to work out very well.
  18. 808tdi

    Can't dyno my Jetta ?

    This mod is actually wayyyyyyy easier than I thought. Maybe 20 minutes tops with a kit, and only slightly longer buying all the wiring and fuses individually.
  19. 808tdi

    APR is just guessing if they have a ECU

    Really? I think that statement needs to be fact checked :rolleyes: That being said your whole post is startlingly similar to what I predicted in my last post.
  20. 808tdi

    APR is just guessing if they have a ECU

    I'm actually surprised they haven't posted here yet. On vortex if you even type the letters A-P-R they bust through the wall like Kool-Aid to defend their products.