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  1. ctrmass


    Not sure where this belongs. Mods, please feel free to move this is needed. I'm looking at a 2012 passat tdi. I know the full history on this vehicle, I'm the original owner, and a family member owned it when VW bought it back. The dealer who bought it from auction wants FULL RETAIL.(n) My...
  2. ctrmass

    New Jersey inspection.....what's involved?

    I'm looking at a 2013 TDI Passat. It's out of state, has an EGR delete a stainless exhaust and high flo cat. Does anyone know if I'll have problems in NJ inspection?
  3. ctrmass

    Windshield washer pump issues?

    Car is a 12 passat tdi se. Has about 45K miles and pump went tu. I did replace the pump, but it still does not work, so I'm assuming it's an electrical problem. Is there a fuse somewhere I can check before bringing it to VW?:confused:
  4. ctrmass

    expensive fuel pump

    I'd like to know if my 2012 has the "uber expensive prone to failure @ about 40K miles" fuel pump or has this been fixed? TIA