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  1. jerryn63

    So long and thanks for the fish

    I've only owned my 2014 Beetle TDI premium for 8 months but the VW emissions drama and worrying about how much money I was going to loose along with reading 2014 Jetta TDI is now only getting $8k at auction motivated me to trade it in, take some cash out of my 401k and buy a 2016 Jeep Wrangler...
  2. jerryn63

    Is there a way to password ECU on a 2014 TDI

    My TDI is getting high mpg (62mpg long road trips no traffic, 42 mpg 18 mile daily commute moderate/heavy traffic). I want to keep the vw dealers hands off my ECU. The vehicle is my property so I should be able to. Will Vagcom allow me to back it up and lock it ?
  3. jerryn63

    Has anyone tried to play video from a mdi device ?

    I've got an RNS510 in my TDI. It's been working fine with my ipod touch connected to the mdi interface. Has anyone figured how to play video from the mdi interface ? I might try to create a folder with the same format as a DVD (TS_VIDEO, TS_AUDIO, etc. ) Has anyone tried this already ?
  4. jerryn63

    My 2014 TDI Beetle

    Here a photo of my 2014 TD Beetle Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  5. jerryn63

    Fix for intermittent MDI Interface issue!

    I work as a Systems Engineer and the Ipod/MDI Disconnect issue was annoying me so I got my oscilloscope and took a look. The reason why IPods and storage devices fail with the MDI bus is because of noise on the bus. Maybe VW engineers were told to keep costs down and didn't bother with heavy...
  6. jerryn63

    I believe I have a fix for the buggy MDI/Ipod/USB interface.. so far no issues!

    I'm a systems engineer so when my Fender stereo with RNS510 head unit failed reading my ipod or SSD drive I installed a SSD drive with the mdi/usb cable when my ipod was failing 6 times/day during the ride to/from work, I got really annoyed. A stereo that sounded real good that had issues...
  7. jerryn63

    Is there anyone here running propane injection on a 2013+ TDI ?

    Is there anyone here running propane injection ? If you are what kit did you install ?
  8. jerryn63

    Is there anyone here running propane injection on a 2013+ TDI ?

    Is there anyone here running propane injection ? If anyone is can you post photos of how you did this and list the kit you installed ?
  9. jerryn63

    1st Road Trip with the Wife in my 2014 TDI Beetle

    First road trip to break in the 2014 TDI Beetle. We went to Cape Cod, MA for food at Clancy's then a hike at the Marconi Site. You can't tell the engine is efficient as it is because there was plenty of power and I averaged 44mpg for the 260 miles we traveled that day. Round trip...
  10. jerryn63

    New 2013 TDI in Massachusetts, I was wondering if you can answer some questions ?

    My TDI is going to be garaged under a car port. Do I need to install a block heater ? How long does it take the glow plugs to heat up when it's 10 degrees outside ? Do I need to run antigel fuel additives in the winter or is the winter blend of fuel good enough ? Is it best to run B10 ?