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    2014 TDI Jetta Sportwagen Particle Trap Bank1 & EGR faults

    Hi! I am trying to decide on a VW dealer that has a good shop. Wichita and the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas are about the same distance from our home. Since this repairs should be covered by warranty, I'm stuck taking it to a dealer's shop, I guess. Here's my problem: While driving in...
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    How long should a timing belt last?

    I thought it was measured in miles but was recently told that about 7 years was about all the TIME that you should keep a timing belt on an engine (TDI), regardless of the miles. I'd love to hear from anyone with an informed opinion or experience that proves or disproves this one. Thanks, Mike
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    Want 2005 TDI New Beetle -

    I live in Oklahoma but will travel for the right car.
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    Testing G12 coolant

    Hi! I don't know the mix of the coolant in my New Beetle. It shows to +5 F on a conventional anti-freeze tester. Is that going to be accurate for G12 too? How can one find the freeze temp of G12 mix if the typical tester is not accurate? Thanks! Mike
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    Need part number for intake hose for 99 TDI Beetle

    Hi, This is the last rubber hose before the intake manifold. It is L shaped and about 2" or so in diameter. I was looking at the parts break-out on the computer at a VW dealer and it appeared that this hose was left out of the diagram. Mike
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    Unusual Idle Engine Speeds

    99 New Beetle TDI Symptom 1: Sometimes RPM steps from 900 (or is it 950) to 1100 for a while then back to 900. Seems random. Symptom 2: Often, after running long enough to warm the engine up, then shutting down for a few minutes, engine will start immediately on restart (usually has...
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    Smooth idle searching

    Hi! My 99 New Beetle TDI is running fine (I know - if it ain't broke, don't fix it) but every time it drops to idle after driving a little while the engine "lopes" for a short while then gets smooth. The RPMs are good but one can hear the engine idling unevenly. I think the smooth idle feature...
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    Power Steering Pump replacement suggestions

    The power steering pump on my 99 TDI Beetle is starting to complain. I have 142K mi on it. I want to replace it. Any suggestions on recommended sources or brands to get or ones to avoid would be recommended. Thanks! Mike
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    rough running & smoke at 2k-3k RPM unloaded only

    I have noticed my 99 Beetle TDI runs rough and smokes (blue-white) if I run the RPM up to about 2000 to 3000 RPM unloaded (running with tranny in neutral). I can't feel a problem when driving in any gear. Any ideas?
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    Trailer lights for a New Beetle

    Please move this to the forum it actually belongs in. I am trying to hook up trailer lights for my 99 TDI beetle. Please don't lecture me about not pulling anything with my Beetle. I am using LED lamps to limit current draw and am using separate circuits for stop, tail, and turn. I "tapped...
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    Trailer lights for a New Beetle

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    Exhaust Gas Temp or Turbine Inlet Temp gauge

    Hi! I have installed a 1Z (similar to AHU) VW TDI into a 91 Vanagon. I will surely be driving it in the mountains and expect to be pulling a trailer some. I am concerned about the possiblity of damaging the turbo or engine by pushing it too hard. I have been told installing a Exhaust Gas Temp...
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    Phosphate free coolant - Prestone

    VW says to use phosphate free coolant. I am putting coolant into a Vanagon that I have transplanted a 1995 1Z TDI engine into. Since I don't know what kind of coolant was in the engine before but I DO know the rest of the cooling system had ethylene glycol (the green stuff) in it, and since I...
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    Bad smell only when A/C is runing

    The cabin air smells fine in our 99 Beetle with fresh air coming in (fan running) unless I turn on the A/C. Get a "bad kid's sneaker" smell as long as the a/c is running and for a short time after I turn it off. I thought the air came through the pollen filter whether the a/c was on or not, so...
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    Pressure sensor for German 1Z engine

    I am putting a 1Z engine in a Vanagon. I have a sensor that has a hose fitting on it that looks like it is a pressure sensor of some sort. It goes to pins 40, 33, and 41 of the ECU, I bvelieve. The numbers stamped on the side are: 0 261 230 008 and by the Audi logo is 3A0 906 051 Can someone...
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    Power low after repairs following timing belt fail

    In a Nutshell: Timing Belt Blew on my 99 New Beetle TDI at 81 K mi (had a VW shop change the belt at 60 K) New head, etc. installed by a VW shop with a questionable reputation but the best around – while I was hundreds of miles from home. Power was immediately low but didn’t realize for sure...
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    Copper fittings in coolant system

    I am putting a 1Z TDI into my Vanagon. To make the coolant hoses fit well, I have put in several fittings like T and elbow fittings made of copper. Is this likely to cause problems because of dissimilar metals in contact with the coolant? How about galvenized steel? Does anyone know what...
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    1Z/AHU timing belt tensioner - need advice

    I have a 1Z engine from Germany. It is almost identical to an AHU engine. The timing belt tensioner has an arm, maybe 4" long ending in a 2 prong fork that straddles a stud instead of the little anti-roataion tab. The original part is part number 028-109-243. The VW dealer can't get that...
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    Data Link Connector wiring

    Hi! I am putting a '95 1Z German TDI engine from a Golf into a Vanagon. The wiring harness I have does not have the DLC plug on it so I can plug in my Vag-Com. Does anyone have or know where to get the wiring diagram showing where the DLC pins connect to the connector on the Engine Control...
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    95 TDI 4 a Vanagon - suggestions or cautions

    I am going to put a VW TDI into my 91 Vanagon. FastForward, in British Columbia, has a 95 1Z engine from a Golf III. Does anyone have any input as to why this would or would not be good? Specifically, should I look for a later engine for some specific reason(s) other than just age? Any...