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  1. Cummins Driver

    CR engine HPFP analysis

    Maybe THIS is my Problem My 2011 6-speed manual Golf has an issue. Go through a corner, downshift to say... 2nd and at times, the tach reads zero RPM's; the engine simply shuts off. I "pop the clutch" and it starts again. Under acceleration, the engine will at times, miss on what I read as...
  2. Cummins Driver

    45 cetane in central Virginia

    Am wondering, is all Shell diesel 45 cetane? Also, thanks for the Watchcard tip. Seems we have one about 3 miles from here and if the fuel quality is indeed better, I'll go get a card.
  3. Cummins Driver

    Why Meager Diesel Choices in US v/s Europe

    Another country heard from in this article. The taxation differences between gasoline and diesel was not one I had heard of before. :confused: Enjoy!
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    Old Pics of VW Factory!

    Vintage Pics of Factory My dad was a dealer from 1959 - 1970 in NE Ohio. He has 8mm film taken in the factory of bodies being electro-coated with primer, engines being built, etc..... Karmman Ghia bodies were hand built. I am told that an inspector wearing a special glove checked the seam on...
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    Audi A3 2.0 TDI Coming to the US!!

    Saw one yesterday Saw a black one pass me yesterday, 09/29/10.
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    New TDI

    Was driving to work today and a VW similar in looks to a Honda CRV passed me. The rear was badged "TDI 2.0." Unfortunately, crummy traffic kept me from getting closer. Was in a color similar to Reflex Silver. What did I see?
  7. Cummins Driver

    Is CETANE the Problem?

    I am in VA and would be interested.
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    04 pd joins the 800 mile club

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] my average winter MPG is 46-48MPG [/ QUOTE ] I am between 47 and just under 51 on my PD 5 Speed Wagon.
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    2004 PD Economy Numbers

    3 tanks of fuel through my '04 PD 5 Speed Wagon. First tank was 49.74 MPG, second was 47.3 and the most recent was 50.62 MPG. 40% "City" and 60% "Hwy."
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    2004 TDI's banned from registration in N.Y.;Why?

    2004 TDI\'s banned from registration in N.Y.;Why? If you own the car and "move" into the state, I don't think that they can force you to sell it. Another approach. Have relatives in a TDI friendly state? Register it there. [ QUOTE ] I was told by my the General Manager at my dealership...
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    '04 pd rough idle/ hesitation fix?

    \'04 pd rough idle/ hesitation fix? Ford/Navistar are buying back trucks equipped with 6.0L diesel engines in the US right and left. In VA, they get 2 chances to repair it. If it fails again, you write the Mfg and tell them you will take the vehicle where they direct but they have a final...
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    OnStar Anyone???

    [ QUOTE ] OnStar is nothing but a way for someone else to track where you go and when. Won't a cellphone work just as well? [/ QUOTE ] You are absolutely right. OnStar can actually shut your car down, unlock the doors and if they wish. There was a recent law suit filed to require OnStar to...
  13. Cummins Driver

    '04 tdi pd rough idle/hesitaton

    \'04 tdi pd rough idle/hesitaton After giving the matter some thought, I made the decision to go with another TDI instead of selecting another brand of car or going to a gasser. All of my TDI have been great cars and have delivered excellent performance, economy and value. Add to that, VW...
  14. Cummins Driver

    '04 tdi pd rough idle/hesitaton

    \'04 tdi pd rough idle/hesitaton Yep, 717 is from the dyno-test. With no load, I get around 22-23mpg @a 60mph and its a dualie at that.
  15. Cummins Driver

    '04 tdi pd rough idle/hesitaton

    \'04 tdi pd rough idle/hesitaton VW bought back my 04 5 spd Wagon yesterday. When started, it belched a cloud of smoke worse than a semi on a cold morning for the first 30 seconds. It also ran very rough the first minute or so. When it <font color="red">warmed up</font> and under a light...
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    Ford Struggles with Diesel Complaints

    Not suprised really. The 444TE Engine had its problems also.
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    Test Drove 5 Speed and Auto Pumpe-Düse Jetta TDI's

    Test Drove 5 Speed and Auto Pumpe-Düse Jetta TDI\'s We have a high volume dealer in the Norfolk area who has started receiving '04 TDI's. Like the new styling of the Jetta/A4 but was dissapointed at the new posted mileage. <font color="red"> </font> Jetta TDI 5 Speed: 38 / 46 Jetta TDI...
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    Turn the Daytime Running Lights Off!!??

    Anyone who has been in the service and has had to go on base passes the little sign that says: "Dim to Parking Lights." With increased security, that is now especially true. I am about tired of driving through the gate with the choice of pulling up my hand brake or having folks with guns and...
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    FS: 2000 Jetta TDI, 5spd, Leather

    Work requires a larger car so my 2000 TDI goes up for sale. Rather than make a large post here, I made a www site with pictures, specs, mileage, price etc.... Jetta Sale Page At least my daughter still has her Golf... [ August 26, 2001: Message edited by: Cummins Driver ]
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    CNN likes the Golf TDI overall!!!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BlueBugTDI: Snipp (for room) How about a little push from the government in the way of a tax credit for fuel efficient vehicles like the TDI? Great idea. However, as I recall, you can't buy...