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    FS, Passat Radio, RNS 510, $200

    RNS 510 out of a 2015 Passat Tdi Sel with the fender audio. Nothing wrong with the radio, i just upgraded to one with carplay. Radio is in good shape. I'm not sure what to ask really, let's say $200 obo, plus shipping. I'm in Huntsville, AL 35773.
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    2015 Passat no defrost

    I've searched and can't find a situation exactly like what my car is doing. I've got no air coming through the vents when on defrost. All other settings blow air like normal. I can still hear the fan running when I switch to defrost but absolutely no air comes out the vents at the windshield...
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    What did you do to your Passat today?

    I haven't seen a thread like this for the NMS Passats, so, what did you do to your Passat today? I put fuel in mine :D
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    ALH Jetta, Stage 4, $1,200

    Car is sold. I'm selling my wrecked Jetta. 2 months ago I was rear ended which totaled the car. Factory 5 speed car, it has around 170K miles on it, I bought it with 110K. I have a salvage title in hand. Here's a list of the things i've done to it that are still on the car: South Bend Stage 2...
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    The hunt for center console cup holders...

    My car has the in dash, pop out style cup holders. I really want the later style center console cup holders. I ordered this about a month ago but recently they told me there's no...
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    Touareg Air Suspension?

    I've been online window shopping, drooling at 3.0 TDI powered suvs, and I can't seem to find an answer to my question. Did the later model touareg's (2011-2016?) ever come with air suspension? I know the v10 models did. And I know it is an option on the Q7. But i'm not sure if it was an option...
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    5 speed with shifter problems

    On the way home from work today, cruising along in fifth, traffic was slowing down and when i pushed in the clutch and pulled it out of fifth, the shifter lost all resistance. The car was still in gear. Pulled into a parking lot and the shifter was stuck in the side to side motion, but was...