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  1. deejaaa

    DIY: rear air shocks, 02 Jetta(ghetto mod)

    so glad to hear it worked out for you. now just put a 2” lift on the front.
  2. deejaaa

    DIY: rear air shocks, 02 Jetta(ghetto mod)

    nice! glad it worked. after having this done over 6 years ago i'm surprised more haven't tried it.
  3. deejaaa

    DIY: rear air shocks, 02 Jetta(ghetto mod)

    no. it's way more involved and expensive.
  4. deejaaa

    DIY: rear air shocks, 02 Jetta(ghetto mod)

    the biggest con with bags was pinching to get them in the spring.
  5. deejaaa

    DIY: rear air shocks, 02 Jetta(ghetto mod)

    no issues at all. just make sure the o-rings are used or there will be some. unfortunately i don't drive the car at all. it's been sitting in the driveway for a year and was in the garage a little over a year. i work local so no need for a high mpg vehicle. i daily the one ton chevy wherever i...
  6. deejaaa

    Comparison Test: LED drop-in headlight bulbs vs. halogen bulbs [pics inside]

    not sure if that is really the issue: it's glare to the oncoming drivers on the road.
  7. deejaaa

    5 speed with shifter problems

    mine quit working Fri on the way home. i was in 4th so was able to get home. checked it with advice from this post and ordered the Cable Saver Replacement Cable End Bushing Set. cheap enough and should be easy once i get the access hole done.
  8. deejaaa

    60 MPG / 900 Mile Club / 1000 Mile Club

    sounds good to me! i drove 1 tankful to push mpg to 62, once. the stress from that tank, going 55, forced me to never do that again, that was on a 3 lane freeway.
  9. deejaaa

    DIY: rear air shocks, 02 Jetta(ghetto mod)

    can't take all the credit but you're welcome.
  10. deejaaa

    DIY: rear air shocks, 02 Jetta(ghetto mod)

    glad it worked. what do you plan to carry?
  11. deejaaa

    Back on the Road

    i used to drive 600 miles each week. now it gets driven once or twice a week with only 30 miles each trip. drive the truck mostly.
  12. deejaaa

    IBW Gets a New Engine

    amazing journey. i've done nothing to mine but got my 93 chevy 4 door 3500 diesel back on the road after losing my job. F U BOP.
  13. deejaaa

    Chinese Stereo Alternative for most VWs

    no. it's sitting on the shelf. things have changed for me too much. one tank will last 3 months because i don't make the long drives any more. sorry. might never get done.
  14. deejaaa

    Headlight Adjustment Hack?

    i had the same retrofits and had to use the plastic shims that were provided. the left one burned out after a week and was such a pain to get working again i threw them in the garbage. OEM with glass lenses for me now.
  15. deejaaa

    ALH Intake Manifold Cleaning/Exchange

    how much does a new manifold cost? i'll sell you a good used one, not cleaned yet, for 50.00. clean this one to minimize down time and sell it when finished. what i did. lord knows i could use the money.
  16. deejaaa

    Latest ghetto mod......

    fit's not perfect but i don't care: night shot: adios.
  17. deejaaa

    Latest ghetto mod......

    latest mod.....for awhile.... this might be my last mod/post. my life has changed. i am no longer in the field i was in for the last 21 years of my life. part my fault, other part; that's just the nature of the beast. i will be looking for a new direction and have pretty much lost the desire...
  18. deejaaa

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    filled up and got 55 mpg on the last tank.