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  1. AudiMatt

    Surging, rough Idle 2010 JSW

    I have recently acquired my Dad's 2010 JSW. It has been very well cared for but has just over 102,000 miles on it now. A couple of weeks ago it started having a random "miss" at idle which has progressed to a rhythmic surging at idle or just plain rough idle. Increasing the engine RPM to 1000...
  2. AudiMatt

    2010 JSW stereo help

    So, I have the fancy radio in my '10 JSW and after having the satellite radio service discontinued the media interface no longer functions correctly. All the songs in my iphone library will load on the screen and I can search through the various menus but when I try to select a song nothing...
  3. AudiMatt

    My new Mileage Missile

    Buying this 2010 from Dad as he just picked up a 2011 335d Has gti front bumper, badgeless grill, filled hood. Malone dsg tune and Malone stage two engine tune, as well as a banks cat back
  4. AudiMatt

    Need a little Mercedes help

    Been working on a friends '87 190D the engine is a 2.5 non-turbo. I replaced the headgasket which requires splitting the timing chain. I marked everything very carefully so that it would go back exactly as it came apart. It is now all back together and it runs but the injection timing...
  5. AudiMatt

    FS: 06 Jetta TDi 5spd pkg1

    We've very reluctantly decided to sell the wife's 06 Jetta. She isn't working and we've decided that we'd be better off without the monthly payment. Car has 72,000 miles on it, mostly freeway. My wife used it to commute about 80miles to work and back plus a few road trips. Always been...
  6. AudiMatt

    Looking for Vision V wheels 17"

    I'm looking for a used set of Vision V factory wheels in 17" I think they may have been available in 18 inch also but I'd probably only be interested in the 17's
  7. AudiMatt

    5th gear upgrade for MK5

    Anybody know if there is a taller 5th gear available for the MK5? I imagine a VAG-com would be necessary. Just looking for some increased economy, not that it is bad now.
  8. AudiMatt

    Writing a paper on Bio vs petrol need some info

    Hi all, I'm in the process of writing a paper on the ability of bio-diesel to supplant petrol diesel for transportation. I am looking for some information on Us production capabilities for bio and petrol as well as the average amount of petrol diesel consumed in the US... Thanks for any...
  9. AudiMatt

    A4 TB procedure link not working!

    I can't get the pdf file to come up at all. I have waited for approx. 20 mins and nothing happens except for a white screen. Help plz. I'm supposed to do this tomorrow!!
  10. AudiMatt

    Fuel filter changing procedure

    Hi, I looked through all the archives but I couldn't find anything specific to the A5 Jetta TDi. I was wondering if anybody had a manual with the correct procedure or maybe a link to the correct procedure.. Thanks
  11. AudiMatt

    06 Jetta IC capability??

    Just wondering if anybody knows how effective the stock 06 Jetta TDi intercooler is? ie. How much HP can it accomodate without getting massively heat soaked?
  12. AudiMatt

    % of Bio for proper mix in 06 PD

    I read through the postings and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so I thought I would post about it. The local Bio-pumps near my residence are all B99. I'd like to start running what VW allows in my car for bio but I don't want to have to get a card-lock or drive 20 miles just to...
  13. AudiMatt

    06 TDI Vs. 06 2.5 I win

    Just had an impromptu drag race with an 06 2.5 Jetta owner on a freeway on ramp. I got him off the line and pulled at least 1 car length ahead to 100mph. At 100 he started pulling even until we both let off dead even. I realize it was unsafe and that it interfered with getting the utmost in...
  14. AudiMatt

    Newb to TDi Just bought 06 Jetta

    We just bought an 06 Jetta TDi and we love it. The car is nice and the engine is awesome! So far we have over 300 miles on a half tank in mostly stop/go It is much better than the 93 Passat GLX we had... I have just a few quick questions right now. 1st: Do Package 1 cars come with the MFD...