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  1. BuckeyeMan71

    Mechanic in Durango area?

    Konstruct performance inc in Albuquerque NM European performance specialist Colorado Springs Cattle creek v dubs glenwood springs CO
  2. BuckeyeMan71

    Dealer playing hardball, are they right?

    I would take it to the vw dealer in canton kempthorn vw
  3. BuckeyeMan71

    Bad experience with ProfiDiesel. Any one else?

    Hopefully you paid for with PayPal and can get your money back
  4. BuckeyeMan71

    Kenwood HU + Monsoon Issue

    Be sure that you hook up the blue wire from your kenwood because that’s the remote turn on
  5. BuckeyeMan71

    proper speaker adapter for front door?

    So you’ll want to get a shallow mount 6.5” speaker and it’ll fit
  6. BuckeyeMan71

    2008 Q7 4.2 TDI V8 Limp mode on hard acceleration after engine warms up

    I would check the crankshaft position sensor I’ve been told it can be intermittent that it won’t throw a code. I had that problem with my Jetta and replaced it been fine ever since
  7. BuckeyeMan71

    Remote Start

    Unless you need the original fob to start the car most remote starters are also able to lock your doors and arm your alarm system so only need the one fob
  8. BuckeyeMan71

    Battery light with no key in ignition

    Did you fill your fuel filter 3/4 way full of diesel fuel before priming and bleeding
  9. BuckeyeMan71

    Help with diagnosing/troubleshooting?

    Well I’d stop driving it for one. Did you get codes from VCDS also do you know when TB was done last? Oil spraying out of there is not a good thing. The TB could have jumped which could mess up your valves. Need more info on the car like mileage access to VCDS
  10. BuckeyeMan71

    Help with insurance adjustor?

    I hit a raccoon the size of a cocker spaniel it did $2500 in damage they totaled the car out. So I bought it back and got new bumper cover splash guard radiator support radiator ac condenser new cooling fans most all the parts came from rock auto and fixed it myself over a weekend for less than...
  11. BuckeyeMan71

    TDI shops in northern Texas/DFW or Oklahoma city?

    Try They are on the trusted tdi map in Frisco Texas
  12. BuckeyeMan71

    Source for a used or rebuilt fuel injection pump

    She is also the one that posted about her car being in shop for 60 days and wants it back
  13. BuckeyeMan71

    Help with insurance adjustor?

    Hell if it was such good condition do what I did. I bought mine back and fixed it up myself and I don’t regret it one bit
  14. BuckeyeMan71

    Need to double glow to start 06 passat tdi

    Here in Ohio when it gets cold it’s normal to have to cycle key couple times in colder weather
  15. BuckeyeMan71

    New 109 Relay and still no start...

    I would also crack an injector and crank to see if your getting fuel to it
  16. BuckeyeMan71

    New 109 Relay and still no start...

    I would run a full scan to see what’s going on with it
  17. BuckeyeMan71

    New 109 Relay and still no start...

    Do you have access to a VCDS cable
  18. BuckeyeMan71

    2000 Bettle 5 dtc's and no glow plug and limp mode

    Was this scanned using a VCDS or regular scanner
  19. BuckeyeMan71

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $3.78 here in Ohio
  20. BuckeyeMan71

    Year and Mileage Check

    293,000 miles 2003 Joe B