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  1. SilveR316

    Need some help identifying this clutch part

    I'm in the process of doing my clutch, and this little half circle piece (on the right side of the picture) fell out. I've tried looking in the manual and on the etka drawings, but I can't seem to locate it anywhere. It has no part number stamped on it. It seems like it might have come from...
  2. SilveR316

    Braided Steel Turbo Oil Feed Line?

    I remember reading a few years back these flexible oil feed lines are "bad" for your engine. Is this actually the case? Are there any downsides to using the flexible line? Can someone that has run this line chirp in? I'm thinking about replacing my old oil feed line with this one when I do my...
  3. SilveR316

    Turbo Troubles :(

    On my way home this evening, my turbo (18/22 by KermaTDI from a few years ago, when I think they were still partnered with StreetToys) seems to have developed a bit of a whine (more so than usual). During spool up/down around 2-6 psi, the whine sounds like a police siren, and it definitely...
  4. SilveR316

    LF Mk4 Roof Rack

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a mk4 4-door roof rack for my Golf. If anyone has one or knows someone that is willing to part with theirs, please let me know. Should be similar to this: Thanks.
  5. SilveR316

    FS: 18" CSA Vanquish 5x100 Wheels

    I have a set on 18" CSA Vanquish wheels for sale. Offset is 36. Hub rings are included. One wheel has some very minor curb rash, but its hardly visible. Tires are Nankang Ultra Sport NS-2's (235/40R18) with approx. 40-50% left. I also have a set of spacers and longer bolts for an extra $80...
  6. SilveR316

    Where to get new key?

    After 400k km, the key to my golf finally broke. :( I've glued it back together in the mean time, but I need to find a new one asap. The dealer quoted me about $300 to cut and program a new key. Does anyone else have any recommendations on where to get a new key quickly?
  7. SilveR316

    Clutch Recomendations

    So I'm finally getting around to fixing a badly slipping clutch, and I'm wondering what I should replace it with. I currently have a Valeo g60/vr6 clutch and flywheel. Would the South Bend Stage 2 Endurance clutch be an appropriate replacement? Does this kit work with the flywheel I already...
  8. SilveR316

    Anyone have a spare oil pan sitting around?

    I was changing out the oil this afternoon in my car, and when I went to put the oil drain plug back in, it just kept spinning. The thread on the oil pan is gone. It seemed to be getting weaker and weaker over the last few oil changes, I guess I was hoping it would hold out longer. Anyways, I...
  9. SilveR316

    Best place to pick up a radiator?

    It seems my radiator is leaking in the top passenger corner, and as far as I know and been told, this isn't something you can fix easily. So I need a new one. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get one? I would prefer new rather than used in an unknown condition. I'd also prefer...
  10. SilveR316

    Car won't crank, sometimes

    So I parked my car yesterday at the bank, and when I came out a minute later, it wouldn't start. I put the key in, all the lights lit up normally, I turned the key to start it, and it wouldn't crank over. I managed to start the car by pushing it down a small incline and releasing the clutch...
  11. SilveR316

    Precision Tuning Location?

    Anyone know where the new location is? I think the address on the website is still the old one? I tried calling today, but all I got was busy, no answer, or connecting... and it wouldnt go through.
  12. SilveR316

    FS: 15" Avus

    I have a set of 15" Avus wheels for sale. I'm hoping to avoid shipping them, so local pick up only please. Asking $300. Wheels have about 30% thread, but they should probably be replaced because of small cracks. One tires also has a hole patched. See pictures. Wheels have mostly regular wear...
  13. SilveR316

    Where to get wheel locks?

    I recently picked up a nice set of 18" wheels. I want to get wheel locks on them before they go on, but the bolt holes are exposed. Anyone know of a good place to get wheel locks that look good or bolt covers for them? Also, what size is needed for a mk4?
  14. SilveR316

    Rear Ended

    It finally happened... after putting more than 200k km on my car, someone had to go and smash in to me. It was a ~20 year old girl in crappy daewoo. Cops showed up, said damage was under $1k and left, didnt even file a report or anything (***?). After the cops left (they were there for 2...
  15. SilveR316

    Tire place in Oshawa?

    Well... it finally happened. Oshawa has horrible streets. I hit an unmarked pot hole on a dark street where there was construction. The tire pretty much blew out instantly. I didn't lose control, and I was able to safely pull in to a nearby gas station. I changed out the wheel for my spare...
  16. SilveR316

    Will jetta interior fit a golf?

    I have the opportunity to swap a leather interior from a Mk4 Jetta for my cloth interior (mk4 golf). I know the front door cards and seats will fit, but will rear seats and door cards work as well?
  17. SilveR316

    Leaky Water Pump

    40k km ago I did my whole timing belt assembly, including all the rollers, tensioners, and water pump. Now 40k later, my water pump is leaking coolant pretty severally. It only started a few weeks ago, but has steadily increased. I'm going to be replacing it next week, but I'm not looking...
  18. SilveR316

    Radio removal tools?

    Does anyone have the vw radio removal tools that I could borrow? I'm trying to take out the radio in my mom's beetle, but its proving impossible without the tools. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. SilveR316

    Good Body/Paint shop around the GTA?

    I'm looking to get some things done on my car that require welding and painting so I'm looking for a shop that can get it done well. I'm not interested in a cheap and crappy job. If its cheap and well done thats another matter. :D Any recommendations?
  20. SilveR316

    Recomendations on Exhaust?

    My exhaust nearly fell off this week (its being held on by heavy duty zip ties at the moment... lol) after all the road salt from this winter. So... I'm looking for a new one. I've been wanting to upgrade it for a while now too. With my current mods I'm making about 165-170 hp and the EGT's...