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  1. Slowassjetta

    05 BEW Jetta. No power, no codes

    So my 05 BEW Jetta jumped timing a while back. Just got the car running again. The problem is the car stars right up (even on the cold days here is WI) can hear the turbo spool up and car revs to any rpm you want but under load has no power. Boost spikes at like 23 psi and holds a steady 15 psi...
  2. Slowassjetta

    P2016 after egr and asv delete. 06 Jetta brm

    I have no power after the deletes. Do I need to have it tuned out? Or is there a way to get by with out having to tune?
  3. Slowassjetta

    Jumped timing. Gotta pull the head. Is it worth upgrading the cam and lifters?

    Piston definitely made contact as I heard it. So I have to pull the head and inspect the damage. Is it worth putting a better cam and lifters in with the rest of the engine being bone stock?