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  1. mikester2

    2015 NMS SEL Rodent Damage and erWin woes

    Hi all: I have a 2015 Passat TDI SEL DSG that sustained tremendous rodent damage while parked while I was down with COVID. I have only just begun to dig into it. But foremost among its problems are dashboard warnings from the ABS, steering wheel, traction control, TPMS, Kessy, and a few other...
  2. mikester2

    WTB: Trapezoidal AAZ Exhaust Manifold, p/n 068 129 591G

    Good evening: Looking to buy an AAZ exhaust manifold or two with the older 4-hole turbo bolt pattern instead of the 3-hole version. Located in Maine. If I have to drive to Canada to get one, any hints on whether customs is an issue upon return? Striking out on clear-cut summaries of the...
  3. mikester2

    Transmission or clutch rattle in 96 B4?

    Good evening all: I just picked up a 96 B4 and it seems to have a fairly substantial rattle coming from the transmission. Kind of sounds like a bad throwout bearing on other vehicles I have had, but I think it is internal and I wanted to pick some brains and see whether anyone had any clues...
  4. mikester2

    FS: Passat B4 tallights on eBay

    I have all 4 taillight lenses and lamp assemblies from a 1997 Passat listed on ebay: My user ID there is also mikester2. The car is a black TDI, hit hard in the front. I got it to swap the engine into my van, so I need the engine and wiring...