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  1. laundryeater

    Radiator fans turn on but not compressor.

    The fuses look okay. Where are all the sensors I need to check? If any are bad should the radiator fans turn on? I checked the sensor in the back left of the engine bay by unplugging and the fans kicked off. I tested the juice at the compressor and it's not getting the signal to turn on even...
  2. laundryeater

    WTB: ALH Engine Cover

    Please send pics of the top and bottom to if you have one that you'd like to sell! Thanks.
  3. laundryeater

    WTB: Rear Window Defrost Button mk4

    BOUGHT! Thanks for looking!
  4. laundryeater

    FS: Boost Valve

  5. laundryeater

    FS: 2.5 Bar MAP

    I've replaced my MAP sensor with a 3 Bar so my perfectly operating 2.5 is up for sale. Asking for $30 shipped.
  6. laundryeater

    FS: Sprint 520s

  7. laundryeater

    FS: VNT-15 Core

    Hey, I have a VNT-15 without any wiggle, but it does make a humming during spool up. Would make a good rebuild. I'm in the Raleigh area if you would like to pick up. Asking $150 shipped.
  8. laundryeater

    Cluster lights out!

    Well, the TDI took it's first really good hit and run. The fender got a good nasty dent and front bumper got turned out some. I got the police to come out and make a report. When I left for home I cut it on and turned on the lights- no problems. When I got home all of a sudden the cluster...
  9. laundryeater

    Bilstein TC Struts and HD Shocks Kit

    I went ahead and got it since the upgrade to HD didn't involve a wait for a backorder and I got a deal but now I'm having second thoughts. Has anybody tried this on a MK4 Golf? I mainly want to hold the front wheels down without blowing my entire wallet. Would this setup screw up cornering...
  10. laundryeater

    TDI Corrado from SC

    Hey- I'm looking for the guy with the red Corrado, I think from Greenville, SC. Please PM me!
  11. laundryeater

    FS: Santa Monica (aka Monte Carlo) Wheels $450 OBO

    SOLD Now I'm just seeing how long these Facebook hosted pictures stay up after I deleted them from my account.
  12. laundryeater

    Upgraded Lower Intercooler Pipe and Stock Turbo?

    Anybody that's running this configuration- how easily did this setup install? I know the turbo exit hose is for the 17/22, so what did you do to make it fit the VNT-15? I know in the description it says to put a piece of hose inside the turbo exit hose to fit, but couldn't this cause some leak...