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  1. mjydrafter

    ALH cranks starts and then shuts down (IMMO light)

    My son's car ('03 ALH wagon), just went nuts (dash lights). Luckily he was close to his GF's house. So, it's there, not in front of me. There is only one key/fob for this car. He tried the key on in the ignition trick, nothing. He tried disconnecting the battery and touching the terminals...
  2. mjydrafter

    Simple Flashzilla V2 question

    I just got a modified tune for my '04 BEW. I already have a stage 1 tune, so I have a Flashzilla with the original tune, and a stage 1. I got a new tune to delete the EGR, so I added it to my FZ. It's been a while since I did the original tune and I can't tell the difference between the 2...
  3. mjydrafter

    BEW misfire/injector

    So, I have been chasing a misfire for a while. Only at Start up (cold or warm) and at WOT. Tried a few different things (Harness, diesel purged a couple of times). Finally decided to get a spare injector to check it out. This is what I found: I apparently destroyed it when I installed...
  4. mjydrafter

    2000 ALH Part out (5 speed manual)

    Hi there TDI folks. I have some ALH parts for sale. Pulled from my sons crashed 2000 sedan. 240K O2J 5 speed. No clutch (PP was broken in 2 & this was an original according to the PO). Shifter box & cables, starter, wiring harness, coolant flange with glow plugs. The axles got bent, and...
  5. mjydrafter

    Weird wagon hatch question

    Does anyone know if a rear wagon hatch will fit inside the rear of a wagon?:)
  6. mjydrafter

    Clutch, throw-out bearing, fork

    Hey Guys, got a strange noise going on with the wagon. It's a little intermittent, but when the clutch is all the way in, I hear a rhythmic "knocking noise" coming from the engine compartment. When it happens I can also sort of feel it in the clutch pedal. I'm kind of assuming it's the...
  7. mjydrafter

    Set of 4- PD100 injectors

    Set of 4- PD100 injectors ***sold*** ***Sold*** Just pulled from a parts car with ~250k. Car died from a turbo failure. Could be used as is (with new o-rings), or sent in to be refurbished/upgraded so you don't have any down time. Asking $175 shipped USPS priority.
  8. mjydrafter

    Weird tuner question.

    Weird question about tuners... Does anyone know if a tuner (Malone, Kerma, etc.) can pull or see the SKC (secret key code) when they are doing the tuning?
  9. mjydrafter

    Cruise Control/EGR

    '04 Jetta wagon, BEW PD engine. 222K on it. I have been working on my Jetta for a while now. I have replaced some parts in trying to get it to run better. The car has always started and run pretty well. It's now running really well. I had to run to the middle of Nebraska (Kearney) from...
  10. mjydrafter

    Glow plug question

    I have my injectors out to be refurbished and I was pulling out the glow plugs today, just so I'm ready when they come back. I noticed that my glow plugs don't match. I have only replaced 1 since I took ownership. The PO had replaced one before I got it. The PO gave me 3 new GP's (and the...
  11. mjydrafter

    Tandem pump time?

    I was messing around testing my tandem pump earlier today (while it was still somewhat cool). I was following Dan's great .pdf to check it out. I started with the wear test. According to his write up, I should get little to no flow with the engine off, lift pump powered up for 1 minute. His...
  12. mjydrafter

    Billion Auto commercial

    I was watching tv the other night and noticed that they were using a poor neglected blue MK4 sedan in their commercial as a bad deal used car... Complete with a trash-bag and duct tape rear window. Kind of funny, but not really.:mad:
  13. mjydrafter

    A few BEW questions

    I have been working through some deferred maintenance on my 220k BEW. Recently replaced the cam and timing belt. Car runs pretty great, mileage isn't as stellar as I would like (average ~37mpg). 1: My car pretty much always smokes at start up, cloud of diesel smoke. I was thinking I might...
  14. mjydrafter

    camshaft question

    So I was driving along today in the car ('04 PD BEW wagon), engine started to make what I would call a knocking noise. It sounded like a pretty severe exhaust leak. Took off the skid plate and got it up on stands. The noise is up top, I could really feel it in the intake pipe off the air box...
  15. mjydrafter

    Winter, perfect time to talk AC.

    I hope everyone had a Happy & safe New Year! Winter time seems like the perfect time to talk about AC...;) I got my Jetta mid summer 2015. No AC. Previous owner had a shop figure out that he needed a new AC condenser last spring. I verified it by finding the big leak spot on the condenser...
  16. mjydrafter

    N75 & EGR solenoid: ALH vs. BEW

    Hey guys, I was hunting around at the junkyard today and found a ALH Jetta on the lot. I think it's only the second TDI I've ever seen in all my years of part hunting... Just curious, if there is a difference between the N75 and EGR solenoids on an ALH vs. BEW. I looked a bit at Idparts, and...
  17. mjydrafter

    Timing sticker deciphering

    I snapped a pic of my timing cover for some second opinions. It looks like 775 in the box and maybe 2.2 below it? Anybody have an idea: I have been plying a bit with the torsion value. I have tried out -2.0, -1.0 and +1.0 Trying to get my fuel economy up a bit. I'm thinking of trying...
  18. mjydrafter

    Turbo actuator ?

    Howdy guys, I have been chasing a slight surging problem in my 2004 Jetta Wagon 1.9l TDI. I replaced all of the vacuum lines last week with some fancy silicone lines. As I was doing it, I thought it would be a good idea to check the turbo actuator. It seems to be working (the lever) and when...
  19. mjydrafter

    Cam position sensor wiring

    Hey guys, I'm chasing a cam position sensor problem. (vcds 16725). 2004 bew pd wagon. I traced back the wires for the CPS. The black/green is the ground, it goes to the small ECU connector. I have tested it to be ok. The black/blue goes to the same ECU connector, it seems to be okay as...
  20. mjydrafter

    Vag Commander K+ 2.5

    I have VCDS and a Ross Tech cable. I had to use VAG Commander K+ 2.5 to retrieve the SKC out of my wife's 2004 Passat 1.8t to program a couple of new keys, it worked after switching computers. I run VCDS on a small HP tablet. I couldn't get the HP to recognize the VCDS cable in serial mode...