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  1. Grahamexl

    Snagged a 2015 TDI SEL

    Aircooled Volkswagen > MIT study writemyessaysonline Hi, Glad to meet one more VW fan here. Any photos of your 2015 TDI SEL? Recent or old. John
  2. Grahamexl

    My 2003 Golf 4-door

    TDLclub Car Restoration grants via domyhomeworkonline Hi Douglas, My son has just sold our old 2000 Golf and wants to get a 2003 Golf four door (he's getting married in December, so I think he's planning to buy it till then + he has huge honeymoon plans for ). Any pieces of advice? I'm...
  3. Grahamexl

    2000 Golf TDI - Student budget build

    Topic access via tdiclub> writemyessaytoday Hello all, My grandson has just graduated from college and I want to give him my old 2000 Golf TDI. Any e-books or pdf manuals on it? I haven't looked at it for ages (it's been kept in my garage for years) and I can't imagine what it looks like now...
  4. Grahamexl

    Best To Downshift, or Ride Brakes Downhill?

    Hi, my dad was a driving instructor and he taught me the things he knew well and thought right. But when I went to a driving school, they just ignored those aspects. It seems to me that not all professional drivers can know everything about the car. And specific situations and cars/trucks...