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  1. BrianMA

    Wheel Bearing?

    Hey Everyone, Started getting the low speed humming during left turns. First thought was a wheel bearing. Makes sense, I'm at 160k and have yet to replace one. By chance though I recently noticed that If I put the clutch in while turning the noise completely disappears..... Is this still...
  2. BrianMA

    Timing Belt Time

    Hi All, Just about that time. Was wondering if anyone had a recommendation they could give in the VT/NH area. Thanks!
  3. BrianMA

    Yes, another glow plug post!

    Hey Folks, Ok, I've been through a ton of threads on this but haven't seen a problem similar to mine.... My glow plugs seem to be drawing a bunch of power at times when the car is off. Tested the plugs themselves and all is good there but when I went to test the harness I found that it was...
  4. BrianMA

    Dead battery - Major Short?

    Hey Folks, Thought I'd see if this sounded familiar to anyone before it goes into the shop.. Went out to the Jetta last night and battery was completely dead, not even the clock/odometer showing. Battery is less than two years old so thought this was strange. Tried throwing the charger on...
  5. BrianMA

    Valeo® Ultimate™ Wiper Blade

    Hey Everyone, Haven't tried these myself yet but just ordered a couple pairs. TireRack is having a tow-for-one sale until the end of the month. Seemed like a good deal to me. :) Happy Holidays! -Brian
  6. BrianMA

    Did I get ripped off? (BoosTDIt, you out there?)

    Hey guys, I recently bought some snows on rims from BoosTDIt. ( He received my payment on the 2nd and said he was shipping on the 4th. He gave me a tracking number and everything. The tracking came up as a delivery on the 6th. Never got...
  7. BrianMA

    Interior Lightbulb Change

    Ok, here's a silly question... Is there some little trick to removing the lenses from the rear vanity lights in an MK4 Jetta??
  8. BrianMA

    B20 sludge at pump???

    So I pull up to one of my favorite stations this morning and notice that they now sell B20. I think great, I'll try a tank! When I go to grab the nozzle I notice that the whole lower half is covered in black sludge. The whole cradle is also covered in it, gross! It was enough to change my...
  9. BrianMA

    '06 clutch/flywheel replacement?

    Hey Folks, Is there a replacement single flywheel plate replacement for the DMF clutch in the 2006 Gulf and Jetta's? My Step dad is considering getting a new VW TDI but is holding off because of this issue. He has a 2002 TDI which he can replace the DMF when needed. Thanks!