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  1. rrgrassi

    Memory Seats

    How do you reset or clear the memory on the seats? I tried to set a memory function, but it would not accept the input. I did follow the owners guide. Our prior Jetta had manual seats. Thanks!
  2. rrgrassi

    After 300K miles...Engine said goodbye

    Our 2006 decided she did not wat to play any more. Engine dropped a cylinder while wifie was driving to work. We had the car since 40 miles. First major issue we have had. One of the bucket tappets shattered on the #1 cylinder. So we are replacing this 2006 with another 2006 with 132,000...
  3. rrgrassi

    HVAC Weirdness

    Hi, I have something going on with the HVAC, but do not know what. Last summer, I replaced the compressor and drier, pumped down the system and recharged it by weight. System worked very well. Last week, when I turned on the AC, no external fans, and no compressor engagement. Any idea on...
  4. rrgrassi

    Selling my Golf

    Guys, Since my heart attack and quad bypass in Aug, 2019 I have not had the time to replace the engine on my 2003 Golf TDI. I did buy a replacement engine back in June. Well, I have been offered to do a even swap for 1991 Mercedes 300D. It needs the turbo replaced. So I am picking up the MB...
  5. rrgrassi

    06 Jetta Door cards

    What is the best way to repair the door cards on an 06 Jetta? The center vinyl has detached from the rear doors. I thought this was a Beetle only issue...ugh.
  6. rrgrassi

    ALH Engine Replacement

    Ok, it has been a year since my health scare and resulting quad bypass...YAY! So, I am now replacing the engine in my MK4 Golf. Some reason, I cannot get the oil pressure sender wire to come off. What is that trick? The engine I bought has 80,000 miles on it, but it came out of a manual, not...
  7. rrgrassi

    Replacement Engine

    Ok, I have a 2003 replacement ALH engine for my 2003 Golf. It is from an automatic, with 80,000 miles on it. Comes complete, minus the turbo. My car is a manual, so I was advised by folks on this awesome forum, to get the engine from an auto, and swap over the manual's injectors. I will...
  8. rrgrassi

    Just received NEW AC compressor-Question

    HI, I just received a new, not rebuilt AC compressor. Also have a new drier and expansion valve. The compressor has a new RCV. While inspecting the new compressor, I noted that the clutch seems to be bolted to the pulley. I am used to the old school type that had an actual engaging type...
  9. rrgrassi

    Stuck on the side of the road...

    I was going about 80 on the interstate. Felt a hesitation, then shaking. Lots of clatter. Engine is not siezed. Timing belt is good, and all moves when car is in gear and rocked. Starter will not spin, but does engage. I do not know if the cam and followers let go, of if the IP siezed up...
  10. rrgrassi

    Strange Hot Start Issues-Intermittent

    Hi! This is on the 2006 BRM Jetta. When the engine is hot, and we stop for fuel, or something else that is less that 5 to 10 minutes, the car sometimes will not start. Here is what is does... Starter always engages. It will run for about 1 second and stop. At restart, it will then run...
  11. rrgrassi

    Vacuum line replacement...Still EGR MIL

    I replaced all the vacuum lines, due to the EGR Insufficient flow code. Erased the code. All was well for 30 miles. Then the same code again. When I run the EGR test in VCDS, it functions fine. Should I just replace the EGR?
  12. rrgrassi

    After market wheels and hub centric rings

    I bought my car with Konig wheels on it. Noticed that those wheels were not hub centric. Finally after buying new tires last month, noticed the car still had a shimmy around 75 mph. Thought it was wheel balance. It was not and Discount tire suggested hub centering rings. Had themstalled...
  13. rrgrassi

    Stupid Key FOB!!!

    My car lost the programming for the one and only fob. I did the VCDS programming. The car did beep showing confirmation, but then no response. Once it beeped after a 20 second delay. But I did press the lock button again out of frustration It is the original fob, so I am guessing it is...
  14. rrgrassi

    400,000 Mile Rollcall...

    I am at 402400 now. Someone on the 200,000 mile roll call asked for a 400K. I thought that was a good idea, so here it is!
  15. rrgrassi

    Intake flap motor-2006 BRM

    Hi, I am getting the P2016 CEL. Looks like I will need to replace the flap motor, since the problem is not intermittent, and the CEL comes right back on after resetting the codes using VCDS. Here is the print out... 1 Fault Found: 008214 - Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor (Bank 1)...
  16. rrgrassi

    Oil Pressure Guage

    I recently replaced my double din Monsoon radio with a single DIN. I would like to install an oil pressure gauge in that space. My question is, on the filter housing, should I install a T fitting, to allow for the idiot light to still function? I have not bought the gauge yet. Thanks!
  17. rrgrassi

    Tire size question

    Hi The PO put Golf GTI VR6 wheels on my car. It is the 17" using P225/45-R17 sized tire. The car corners like a go cart. Since we all seem to have to speedo that reads 2-3 MPH faster than we are going, do anyone think I could go with a size up, say to P235/45-R17? My daughters 2005 Audi A4...
  18. rrgrassi

    255K on BRM-What should be done?

    Our 2006 Jetta has 256K on it. Had it since new with 40 miles on it. At the 250K mark, what should be changed out? GP's are still good. No cam noises. On my w123 MB with the OM617.9XX it was recommended to rebuild or replace the injectors. Timing belt is done every 100K. Oil, filters are...
  19. rrgrassi

    ALH Starter Rebuild

    Hi, I am having the long crank syndrome as well. VAG com shows GP's out. They are on order. The starter is also doing the "whir", and I do have a spare to rebuild. My problem is finding a rebuild kit. I searched the forum, and cannot find anything. Does anyone have the Bosch Part number...
  20. rrgrassi

    Glow Plug replacement

    Hi, How often should glow plugs be replaced on the ALH? Car is 391,000 on it, and it is cranking more now that cooler weather has hit. I bought the car with 358,000 on it, and did not see anything in the records about GP replacement. My olf MB 300D, I replaced the GP's every 3 years. Thanks!