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    Wanted: reputable company to rebuild turbos

    Correct. A complete disassembly and inspection prior to ordering any parts. Edit: never mind. I just found a pair of cartridges on eBay from Turbocityparts in California for $159 each with free shipping. I'm considering them as an option. Thanks for the info on cartridges. The prices...
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    Wanted: reputable company to rebuild turbos

    After doing some research, I'm just going to buy two kits and do it myself. As long as the impeller, shaft and nut are marked before disassembly no re-balancing is necessary.
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    Set of OEM VW Daytona Rims18x8 ET41 5x112

    His location clearly says Rochester, NY. That would be my guess........
  4. Area351

    Wanted: reputable company to rebuild turbos

    I have (2) K03's that need to be rebuilt. Can anyone recommend someone that they have personal experience with? Also, what did they charge? It's not for a diesel (2.7T - Audi Allroad), but I have to pull the engine to change them and I don't want to do it more than once. Thanks in advance...
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    WTB: passenger side rear view mirror glass

    How about $20 shipped? Lmk.
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    WTB: One front Raceland Coilover

    Update: I found a complete set of Raceland Ultimos in the junk yard and no longer need one front. With that said, I'll sell the one good front coilover and two rear springs with perches if anyone is looking. I can probably still get the rear shocks too. Lmk
  7. Area351

    WTB: Trunk lock linkage

    No problem. It's a shame that's it's such a hassle. I could literally give them to you and it would still cost about $40 to get them there with postage and import fees. I feel for you guys.
  8. Area351

    FS: MK4 late style tan glove box assembly

    Complete, nice tan glove box assembly (will fit early cars as well if you remove the accordion and bracket). One broken tab behind the radio trim like they all have. Doesn't affect fit or fitment. Asking $100 shipped.
  9. Area351

    WTB: Trunk lock linkage

    I have but shipping to Canada is a real PITA and expensive.
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    FS: tan center console with cupholders

    FS: Mk4 tan center console with cupholders No broken tabs, cracks or chips. Very nice for being around 12 years old. Sold. PayPal to family/friends.
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    FS: Mk4 Jetta Votex front bumper cover

    SOLD to CT TDI. Thanks again. Shipping it tomorrow.
  12. Area351

    FS: Mk4 Jetta Votex front bumper cover

    Selling off my Mk4's and a bunch of extra parts I've been hoarding. This is a pretty nice OEM front bumper cover for a Mk4 Jetta. Includes all three grilles. Had a couple of small cracks from previous owner and they have been professionally repaired using SEM two part bumper epoxy. Pictures...
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    FS: Black Glove Box Assembly

    Sold on eBay.....
  14. Area351

    WTB: A4 Jetta Hood Insulation

    I still have mine. Lmk
  15. Area351

    FS: 02 Jetta Wagon - TDI Project

    Sale pending to DIESELMAN3500 on Tuesday.
  16. Area351

    FS: 02 Jetta Wagon - TDI Project

    You know you want this..... :D
  17. Area351

    4 Center Caps

    Maybe you're right. I just did a search and I don't believe they came stock on a Jetta. A lady owned my car and I just assumed they were stock. She didn't seem like the type of person that would have put them on the car. Maybe a previous owner before her swapped them out. In any case...
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    FS: 02 Jetta Wagon - TDI Project

    It's a wagon. I don't see why everything wouldn't fit in the back. I'll do whatever I can to help you out. The only thing I would need to do is drop the fuel tank from the sedan if you want it. No biggie. Or, are you wanting to load everything into the sedan and take them both? Best bet...