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  1. dvst8r

    Recommend a Shop in Calgary, AB for timing belt replacement.

    Typically this is something I would do on my own, however the timing is not going to work out. My project truck is still in the garage, and won't be mobile till after this work needs to be done. So I need to buck up and farm it out. Any recommended shops?
  2. dvst8r


    Well I have a ton of people to thank for this, but I will start another thread for that. This one is about the 482whp!!! we just put down a few minutes ago. Specs: ALH block Pauter rods mahle pistons total seal rings Cam HUGE Head Porting Custom intake and exhaust manifolds Sequential turbo's...
  3. dvst8r

    My New Dyno just shy of 300WHP on pure #2 Diesel

    Well a great thanks to all who got me too this point ( I will make another post to list and thank all of you as there are a lot), we still have a ways to go, but I am happy for this as our initial dyno on the new motor. Obviously ignore the A/F ratio thingy as they dyno mostly gassers and...
  4. dvst8r

    Why our rods bend.

    Now I am not an engineer, nor did I write this. That compliment goes to nwpadmax from he wrote: Ignore the refernce's to LBZ or duramax, as it is a Chev site that I gleened this from, but the general principle is completely relivent. Hopefully this helps or at very least...
  5. dvst8r

    Common Rail what's that name agian?...

    Okay so to move away from Hijacking Sushi's thread. Let's talk about the feasibilty of a CR swap into a VE setup, and the internal working's of the CR pump. Oh for all of those people thinking the title sounds familiar I hijacked it from "The Simpsons" - mono rail episode.:D
  6. dvst8r

    15:1 or How low can you go...?

    So the recent compound turbo disscusion has me thinking, i know what your thinking: "oh no there must be a fire now" :p Anyway my thoughts had to do with pcp and cr. More specificly what is the best way to go about lowering the cr: Head work, tuliped valves, thicker head gasket, even more...
  7. dvst8r

    WTB 11mm OEM TDI pump, or 10mm for that matter.

    Like the title says I'm looking for a working 11mm TDI pump. I have reconcidered a 10mm would be fine as well.