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  1. DCdesign

    WTB: stock 02j 5th gear

    Hoping one of you have one laying around after a taller gear upgrade. Let me know thanks!
  2. DCdesign

    FS - 10mm injection pump ALH

    10mm pump in great shape from a well maintained good running car. No leaks. Just pulled today 4/30. 227k. $175 shipped from 17512. Or can be picked up locally.
  3. DCdesign

    FS - Leather 3 spoke steering wheel with airbag.

    8/10 condition. Comes with harness also. $90+S&H.
  4. DCdesign

    FS - MK4 GLI aluminum trim set

    SOLD I have a set of shiny bits from a GLI part out. 4 door handles Ash tray cover Full radio cage with trim(needed for swap) In good shape with some signs of wear on top bar and drivers handle(shown in pics. Thanks!
  5. DCdesign

    FS - Balanced like new Bosch T4 injectors

    SOLD & Shipped These ALH injectors and nozzles have been purchased from and set up by Franko6 here on the forums. They've been a great upgrade and provided a great bump in power/torque. My setup is outgrowing them. Very low smoke, more of a light haze with plenty of go! - Genuine Bosch .216 T4...
  6. DCdesign

    FS - MK4 Cleaning the closet sale!!

    Cleaning out the closet/shed and I'm finding a lot of MK4 parts I won't need. Most of these parts came from my '03 Jetta and are in great shape so here we go.... I'll be updating as I find more. 4 spoke airbag - 50 OBO shipped Used but clean ALH Bosch MAF - 50 shipped. Door Courtesy light...
  7. DCdesign

    FS - GLI Radio Cage Aluminum Trim

    Out of an '04 GLI but will fit any Jetta or Golf 99.5-2005. $200 shipped firm. Includes everything shown in pic. Cage, Heater control bezel lower trim piece and upper blank. The aluminum trim can swap onto your existing cupholder if you'd like to retain them.
  8. DCdesign

    FS - ALH EGR Cooler & Lower Intercooler pipe

    Lower intercooler pipe or "pancake pipe" off an ALH $40 OBO shipped. Upgraded and no longer need this. No leaks, great condition. ALH EGR Cooler Sold.
  9. DCdesign

    FS - VNT-15 Great Shape!

    Sold! Thank you!
  10. DCdesign

    Vag Fair '11 York, PA August 13th

    Who's going? Jeff from Rocketchip will be there tuning(oops maybe not). All info below!
  11. DCdesign

    Multiple ScanGauge II New $125 shipped

    Got this in an email today from Ebay from a featured seller. I figured it might help some of you guys trying to save a few bucks. Sweet deal at $125 shipped. The listing says over 10 available so I'd rather see the club snatch them up. Fathers Day gift season I guess. I'm not associated with...
  12. DCdesign

    TDI Powered Factory Five GTM - 160mpg

    Something pretty awesome I found through Factory Five's Facebook page. (Copied and pasted from Facebook for those without) You may remember Simon Hauger and his team of high school kids from West Philly High School from last year's Progressive Insurance X-Prize Competition where they were one...
  13. DCdesign

    FS - Black MKIV doorcards 1 leather 4 cloth

    I have a left over mint condition black leather door card from the drivers side front. This is the only leather door card I have. Looking for $75 picked up. Will ship at buyers expense. I also have a set of black door cards with charcoal grey cloth velour inserts. They show some wear but have...
  14. DCdesign

    GLI Spring color code question

    I'm about to pick up a reasonably priced set of GLI springs. They supposedly are from an 04 GLI with a 1.8t. Paint markings appear to be 3 blue 1 silver for the rears and 2 pink 1 violet fronts I found this code chart but the front springs dont seem to match any. Ultimately I'm looking to...
  15. DCdesign

    Set off Immobilizer - Anyone near Philly feel like helping a moron out with VCDS Vag?

    Took out my gauge cluster and upon reassembly I noticed I activated the immobilizer. Anyone nearby feel like helping a moron out? I'm in Willow Grove, PA 19090.
  16. DCdesign

    FS - ALH Injector Bodies with 5 speed nozzles

    SOLD Just removed the stock 5 speed nozzles yesterday from my '03 ALH Jetta. Would be good for a slight bump in performance for an automatic of the same years. I bought a spare set to save any down time during calibration so I no longer need these. Will fit any ALH '99.5-'03 Jetta, Golf or...
  17. DCdesign

    FS - ALH stock intercooler with 2.5 bar map

    ....SOLD.... Upgraded and no longer need this. Will provide pics if needed but looks like this one Includes oem 2.5bar map sensor. Will fit: 2000 Volkswagen Golf 1.8T AWD 2001 Volkswagen Golf 1.8T AWD 2002 Volkswagen Golf 1.8T AWD 1999 Volkswagen Golf 1.9L GL TDI Turbo Diesel ALH 2000...
  18. DCdesign

    WTB - Used DG Panzer Plate

    Title says it. Trying to find a panzer plate for a buddy on the cheap. I found mine from a part out with the full metal jacket and we're hoping to find a like situation for his. His side skirts are missing so we would prefer having the DG plate to work with the full metal jacket side plates. We...
  19. DCdesign

    Audi R8 inspired catamaran V10 TDI!!!

    Saw this today and though you guys might like to drool a bit like I did. :D I think someday when I hit the lotto an R8 TDI as well as an R8 inspired catamaran are in order. Links below
  20. DCdesign

    WTB - MKIV Jetta Winter Grill Cover

    It's cold! I'd like to help my warm up times a bit. Does anyone have one that they want to part with?