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  1. Runtmp

    P0402 and P1A58 codes some wierd going on here!

    So i got a 11 golf tdi with 49800miles on it. My dpf light comes and goes(usually on when i start the car but goes away after 10min). Check engine light is on too. The car in Drive or reverse would not go above 1000-1100rpm. Dealer wont look at it since i have put GTI muffler on it even though...
  2. Runtmp

    RCD 510 For Sale!!!

    Hello diesel fans!! I'm new to the club, just got a '11 mk6 Golf TDi with 30k miles. And the other day my local pick n pull had a 2010 CC from which i pulled RNS 510 with the GPS antenna and also the backup emblem camera with the wires that go to the back of the HU. Best part paid $50 for both...