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  1. Rapidrob

    Part replacement questions on '96 TDI Passat

    I'm getting ready for a 4,000 mile trip. And I need to do some part replacement due to age/ minor leaks. 1. The T-stat is now stuck open and needs to be replaced. What temp in F do I need to get? 180 or 195F? 2. Should I replace the T-stat housing inlet pipe as well? What is it really called? 3...
  2. Rapidrob

    How long to remove turbo from the engine block?

    My turbos vanes are not moving properly. The engine is in a constant overbooked condition How long does it take to remove the tubo from the engine. My 1.9 is iintercooled.what gaskets and the like should I have on hand? ############## I have seen liquid tubo cleanes for sale. Are they worth a...
  3. Rapidrob

    Loss of power with no CEL light?

    '96 Passat TDII was cruising along at 65 MPH for 40 miles and came to a nine mile long 15% grade hill where the speed limit went up to 75 MPH. I set the cruise to 75 MPH and was rolling along. About 1/2 way up the hill my engine slowly lost about 20% of its power. It was N O T in limp mode. I...
  4. Rapidrob

    Intermittent Check engine light

    '96 Passat TDI wagon. For the last month or so I've been getting an intermittent Check Engine light when the engine is cold and the engine is at a lower than highway speed. After ten minutes or so, the light gets very dim,flickers and then goes out and stays out. I do not own a VAGCOM. All of...
  5. Rapidrob

    '96 TDI Passat Wagon, 109 relay pins arcing

    I drove to vote today and after parking back at home,the engine would not start. Having this happen several times over the last couple decades I homed in on the 109 relay. I pulled the replacement "heavy duty " relay and found the main current spade connector has signs of arcing. Have you...
  6. Rapidrob

    Rear axle bearing noise?

    Right rear axle seems to have a bearing noise? At first I thought it may be the new disk brake but it does not go away or change sound when the brakes are applied. I also checked the parking brake. Not that either. There is no sound if the wheel is jacked off of the ground and spun. Only with...
  7. Rapidrob

    WTB: Right Rear Axle for '96 Passat Wagon

    Looking for a complete, safe running condition, Right Rear Axle for 1996 TDI Passat Wagon. Photo's of what you have ,please.
  8. Rapidrob

    WTB: Hood liner & Panzer Plate for '96 Passat Wagon

    Need a complete hood liner for my 96 Passat Wagon and a Panzer plate "skid plate"
  9. Rapidrob

    Here's one for ya.....

    I'm driving 40 miles into Albuquerque and have driven 26 of the miles when I'm at the bottom of Nine Mile Hill leaving Abq. The speed limit was 65 and goes to 75 MPH. I set the cruse control to 75 and start the climb up the hill. Almost immediately the car starts to slow down! WTH?. I pull into...
  10. Rapidrob

    Glow Plug sensor may be kaput...

    It is still cold here in the mornings,as in 40 D.F The sensor should turn the glow plugs on,it does not. It will at 30 degrees. I think I found the sensor ( see photo) under the fuel injectors and on the side of a cast metal housing. I unplugged this sensor and turned the "ignition" on and the...
  11. Rapidrob

    Can you trick the glow plugs to come on?

    Still cool enough here that the engine needs the glow plugs to turn on when first starting in the morning,but they do not. Not having a VGCOM device, is there a way to trick or jumper the sensor to say it is colder than the original setting and turn on the glow plugs? Which sensor turns on the...
  12. Rapidrob

    Which parts makers to buy?

    I need a new Thermostat and Water pump ( very slight leak at the weep hole). Who's brands are worth the money? There are many to choose from.
  13. Rapidrob

    '96 TDI is running too cold

    Just started to run cold for some reason. It normally shows 180/190 F, now it won't get hotter than 150F even at 75 MPH. Once I slow down in town ( 30 miles away) it will go to 190 and stay there the rest of the drive,even the 75 MPH drive back home. Any ideas?
  14. Rapidrob

    Raise glow plug sensor?

    '96 TDI. Can the glow plug sensor for temperature be replaced with a higher temperature turn on or tricked to turn the glow plugs on?
  15. Rapidrob

    WTB early 1996 B4 Passat TDI shifter boot

    I have a early 1996 Passat TDI wagon that is is need of a shifter boot. The later model boot I bought for a late '96 does not fit my car. It must be for a B4 and not a B5. Thanks for any info.
  16. Rapidrob

    Sudden death of battery

    Last Saturday I drove out to a friends house,down 22 miles of dirt road. Sunday morning I went to start the car. Glow plugs turned on and timed out. When I went to start, the battery was as dead as a door nail. 14 volts at the battery,but the battery would not carry a load what so ever. The...
  17. Rapidrob

    Glow plug sensor question?

    '96 Passat TDI. It it possible to have the Glow Plugs turn ON at a higher temp? Which sensor controls the temp they turn on?
  18. Rapidrob

    WTB several '96 Passat parts

    1. Vacuum pump-must be working and pulling a good vacuum 2. Shifter leather boot black 3.Rubber grommets that hold the plastic engine cover onto the steel studs. VW part number 028103838G. Thanks.
  19. Rapidrob

    Now the AC compresser will not turn on

    I was troubleshooting the low vacuum problem on my Passat 96 TDI and put it all back together. Now the AC compressor will not turn on. AC switch light is on,fuse is good,the clutch will not engage. What could I have done? Any hidden connectors I may have pulled apart in the engine...
  20. Rapidrob

    Vacuum pump suction readings.

    I cannot find anywhere what the Vacuum pumps suction readings should be? Some post show as much as 29" of mercury. What is considered normal with no leaks?