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  1. Mikkijayne

    2001 Audi B5 A4 Quattro - OEM TDI Conversion

    I have a TDI quattro 5-speed manual if you're interested. That'll be a drop-in swap for your current 5-speed manual with the right front shafts (which I also have). Happy to ship from the UK :)
  2. Mikkijayne

    B5.5 Wagon 4mo 1.8t Auto to Tdi Manual

    I have 5-speed 01A TDI transmissions if you want to go that route.
  3. Mikkijayne

    2005 gasser touareg TDI conversion

    The Euro Touareg got the 3.0 V6 TDI as well. That seems to be a decent engine, albeit still not easily available in NA.
  4. Mikkijayne

    3.0 TDI - differences between BKN and ASB?

    Hi Ben, funnily enough, I already have a blue Allroad 2.7T from which I'm pinching the engine for something else. The Allroad will be going TDI either with an AVF, or possibly this BKN :)
  5. Mikkijayne

    3.0 TDI - differences between BKN and ASB?

    Thank you :) So a bit like the AFN vs AHH then where the lower power engine has a bigger pump. For emissions maybe? 280hp would be plenty tbh. I have found a couple of posts suggesting the BV50 is a bit of a pain to swap because of it's actuator so I'll probably leave it mostly alone apart...
  6. Mikkijayne

    3.0 TDI - differences between BKN and ASB?

    Hi all, I'm picking up an A4 B7 3.0TDI with a blown tiptronic next week as a donor car for something. It has the 201hp BKN engine rather than the 229hp ASB I was expecting. What is puzzling me is what the difference is between the two engines? As far as I can tell from Etka, they have the...
  7. Mikkijayne

    AFN, PD or ALH into 2000 Isuzu VX?

    The AFN has its advantages too - its already set up for longitudinal mounting and has a steel sump, and is much simpler than the other choices. It'll make >200hp easily enough and the electronics are nice and simple - I reckon you could have it running on a dozen wires car-side if you leave the...
  8. Mikkijayne

    FS: 11mm pump 038130107J £250 GBP

    Hi guys, Total price shipped to the US is £290GBP including the pulley or £285GBP without it (its heavy!). If you already have an ALH pulley you can save the price of a beer :D At current exchange rate that's about $388USD with pulley or $381 without.
  9. Mikkijayne

    FS: 11mm pump 038130107J £250 GBP

    No idea on mileage I'm afraid. Shipping is included within the UK. I'll get a price for shipping to the US and update the thread. Yes, it will fit an ALH.
  10. Mikkijayne

    FS: 11mm pump 038130107J £250 GBP

    Hi all, selling my spare OE 11mm injection pump 038130107J. A good used pump from a mk4 Golf auto with original 10-pin connector. Price includes shipping within the UK, but happy to ship worldwide at cost. £250 GBP Any questions please ask :)
  11. Mikkijayne

    VNT 1Z to ahu convert

    All the 68 and 80 pin AFN ecus are chip swaps like the 1Z and AHU. There are apparently some 121 pin port tunable versions for the AFN & AVG engines in the run-out B5 and C5 models, but I've never actually found one. Well it opens up a whole load of more interesting or modern turbos like the...
  12. Mikkijayne

    VNT 1Z to ahu convert

    Do you mean convert 1Z to AFN to use the VNT turbo? Like Mongler said, 1Z=AHU - both wastegate turbo. Yes, you can do that if you use AFN software and AFN N75 valve. 028906021GG AHU ecu will probably take AFN software, but its easier to just swap to an AFN ecu (like 026906021GH). I have one...
  13. Mikkijayne

    Making your TDI Conversion quiet and refined

    The B5 A4 has exactly that: This has foam underneath. (ok its a Passat, but same thing!) The PD130 has an even bigger cover: The PD also has a block of foam about 1.5" square all the way round the top of the cam cover. Also, its hard to see on that middle pic ^, but the whole upper...
  14. Mikkijayne

    ALH Converted to an Industrial Engine?

    One of the tuners, I think maybe Mark Malone, mentioned it was possible to configure the ECU to run the engine at constant speed. I was thinking about a standby generator application, but this would be much the same I guess, power output notwithstanding.
  15. Mikkijayne

    Alh into Trojan f26 boat!

    Look for the starter and flywheel from a B5.5 Passat TDI (BHW). Thats mounted under the exhaust manifold and will fit an ALH fine. You'll probably want the pressed steel flange thing between engine and gearbox too, to get the bellhousing pattern. Thinking about it, the dual mass flywheel might...
  16. Mikkijayne

    Audi Allroad TDI Conversion - 2004 Passat BHW

    Assuming LHD is done the same as RHD, the main power cable comes through the firewall near the wiper mechanism and bolts on to the positive battery terminal. All you need is power to that and ground and the car should power up with the key. Watch out for the other end of the starter / alternator...
  17. Mikkijayne

    PIPERCAM 272º camshaft upgrade

    The Newman regrind cam has 9.9mm of lift and fits fine with stock valves. I've done a few of them now :) They don't list the regrind on their site, but its about half the price of a new blank. Best to email them for details. Turn-round time is usually a...
  18. Mikkijayne

    Longitudinal AFN Parts

    I can help with that. PM me a shopping list and your email address :)
  19. Mikkijayne

    Flipped V6 trans into Tdi Vanagon. Tim Shettle adapter plate

    01E flanges swap over, but 012's don't. The 012 has different size diffs for the various applications so you can't put gas flanges in a TDI trans - I've tried it. You can't swap diffs either as the crownwheel is also a different size - tried that too. If you can get adapters I'd suggest that is...