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    FS: MK7 TDI Filters & Brake pads $100/best

    Sure thing. Venmo or PayPal? I can pm you the details.
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    FS: MK7 TDI Filters & Brake pads $100/best

    Recently sold my 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI to upgrade to a Q5 TDI. I've got a whole box of brand new filters and a set of front ceramic brake pads for the MK7 Golf. All parts are brand new, purchased originally from idparts. Asking $100 or best offer - shipped for free! Here's what I have: 1...
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    for sale

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    FS Weathertech Front Floor Liners for 2015 - 2021 Golf / GSW

    Recently sold my 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI (to upgrade to a Q5 TDI) and have a set of Weathertech floor liners. Also have some VW factory rear all weather mats I'll throw in for no additional cost. Asking $75 and can work out shipping - I'm located in Northwest Arkansas. See the local post at...
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    2015 GSW not coming up to temperature

    Ended up being a leaking water pump - assuming something with the variable water pump was also causing the temperature issues. Forced me into doing the timing belt a little early (at least by miles) but all seems to be back to normal now.
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    2015 GSW not coming up to temperature

    Well - still havent been able to diagnose it further, but, yesterday noticed a small puddle on the floor of the garage, and immediately got a "check coolant" warning when starting the car. Sure enough - coolant was low, and there's coolant puddled on top of the plastic belly pan looking down...
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    2015 GSW not coming up to temperature

    I've been through all the options in the MFD - no oil temp. I'll check it with VCDS after a long drive later today. Mine's a 2015 TDI SEL - not sure if that made any difference? And I've had the car through plenty of winters where we've been sub-zero temperatures - and not had any issues. But...
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    2015 GSW not coming up to temperature

    Just checked, I do not have an oil temperature option in the MFD. I don’t see any way to turn that on through the settings either. Is this something I can enable with VCDS?
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    2015 GSW not coming up to temperature

    I'll take a look next time I go out. Not sure I've noticed an oil temp option in the MFD.
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    2015 GSW not coming up to temperature

    I have a 2015 GSW TDI, 107,000K miles. For the past several weeks, I've noticed I haven't been reaching full temperature on the dashboard gauge - it's been one tick left of center. Suspecting a possible thermostat issue, but, nothing else seemed to be the matter. We got some really cold weather...
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    Mann Air Filter & Cabin Air Filter for Q7 or Touareg TDI - make offer

    Have some left over parts from our 2014 Q7 TDI. Will ship from Indiana. Make a reasonable offer and I’ll send them your way! Air filter MANN C 39 002 Cabin filter MANN CUK 2842 Brand new in box. Purchased from IDparts but unfortunately our car was totaled before I ever installed them.
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    Audi Q7 Weathertech Mats and Yakima Carrier Bars

    Selling a full set of Weathertech floor liners for a 2007-2015 Audi Q7. Our TDI, unfortunately, was totaled. Mats are in excellent condition. $125 Shipped. Also, have Yakima Base Carrier roof rack bars with clips for the Q7. Jetstream aerodynamic bars in black, Ridgeline towers and...
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    2015 GSW floor mats

    I've never had a problem yet with Weathertechs in any of my cars - had over 100k miles on my MkV Weathertech mats. The last set of VW Monster Mats that I had wore out way too quickly as well.
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    Body Shop Recommendations - Cincinnati, OH

    Help! We were in an accident today near the Cincinnati, OH airport (actually Florence KY). Everyone in the family is OK, thankfully, but, the Audi Q7 TDI is gonna need some work. Insurance was able to get us into a rental to continue our vacation, but, it looks like the car is going to have...